Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention of Chattanooga LTD (SF&FCC) Board of Director 2021 Elections

Coming up in September 2021 will be the ANNUAL SEPTEMBER GENERAL ELECTION MEETING for SF&FCC. Three Board of Director positions will be up for election this year.




As per our charter, SECTION IX, Item 4:  Election and Terms of Office and Service

Incumbent officers will be considered to be automatically nominated for their previously held offices unless the incumbent officer refuses the nomination.  If the incumbent officer is without opposition, he/she is considered to be reelected unanimously to the incumbent position.

Both the Chairman and the Secretary wish to continue on with their positions.

The LibertyCon Treasurer, Melvin Baumgardner, will be resigning his position this year. He’s done a great service for LibertyCon through the years and has been a great LC Board of Director.

All three of these positions will be open for nominations for anyone who would like to run for the office.

All Board of Director positions are three year terms. Elections are held each year for the Board of Director positions with the positions to be elected being staggered in different years.

Per our charter, BYLAW XII:  New Director Requirements

Effective July 15, 1987 in order to be elected to the Board of Directors of the SF&FCC, a voting position, a person must apply for the vacant position on the Board of Directors in writing.  The person must also have served as an assistant to the SF&FCC for a period of at least six (6) months and have worked at a convention sponsored by the SF&FCC.

The written letter intent to run for any of the offices open for election can be sent electronically to both our Chairman at and our Secretary at


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