LibertyCon Guests

LibertyCon has the privilege of being attended by a rather large number of pros who present their work and/or knowledge in the artshow, on panels, directing workshops, and/or on stage. We love this! We hope you do too. Without them we wouldn’t have the amazing programming schedule we have to offer every year.

Currently, the pages in the links below reflect all of the 120+ guests who attended LibertyCon 32 in 2019. Many of these guests have been attending LibertyCon for years. Many will be back for LibertyCon 33. We will be announcing when the LC33 database is fully updated and published for your viewing pleasure closer to the convention so you and preview all the guests attending LC33.

The materiel populating the pages to the links below are database driven. As we update the database, the information will change. There is no navigation for these pages other than the links on the page, as such each page will open up a new tab.

Full Guest List


              Author Guest

              Author/Performer Guests

              Virtual Author’s Alley


              Artist Guests

              Artist/Author Guests

              Artist/Fan Guests

              Artist/Performer Guests


              STEM Guests

              STEM/Author Guests

              STEM/Fan Guests

Publisher/Author Guests

Editor Guests

Professional Guests

Fan Guests

Performing Guests

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