LibertyCon Banquet

LibertyCon has held a banquet to showcase our Guest of Honors every year. This event is not included with the LibertyCon membership. We do our best to provide the best food possible and keep the cost point for this event to a minimum for all attendees. Each year we have a theme for the banquet and costumes are highly encouraged.

For LibertyCon 33, due to the ongoing pandemic and the real possibility of having to adhere to social distancing restrictions as mandated by the county and state, LC33, unfortunately, will not be having a banquet this year. The LC Banquet, hopefully, will return in 2022 at LC34.

Here is some usefully information for planning to attend the LC Banquet at LC34

  • Banquet tickets typically go on sale in March
  • The theme will be announced a few weeks before the tickets go on sale
  • Tickets typically cost around $35 (will be set in stone by the time they go on sale)
  • A link for purchasing the banquet tickets at our online LC Store will be available on this page, the website news announcements, and on our social media accounts.

We should note: The tickets for this event SELL OUT FAST!

There is limited seating due to the available event space. We do our best to place the LC Banquet in the largest room available, with the best food, and have a reasonable cost point. There will be around 100 tickets available to be acquired. The LC Board of Directors will limited to purchasing only 2 tickets each (yes, the LC Board pays for this event as well – everyone pays except the GOHs and their +1) so as to make as many tickets are available for the general population ticket purchase.

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