LibertyCon Banquet Tickets sale: Sun 01MAR2020

Happy Thursday!

LibertyCon Banquet tickets are to go on sale this weekend! The banquet has been a LibertyCon tradition since the beginning of LC. The event is a chance to have a nice sitdown meal with about 100 of your closest friends and hear from all the LC33 Guests of Honors.

The attendance to this event is an additional cost on top of the LibertyCon memberships.

Mark the calendar and reminder alarms for the LC Banquet ticket sales for:

Sunday 01 MARCH 2020
3pm est

Ticket Prices will locked down by Friday, but the cost is expected to be around $35 each.

The ticket sales will happen at the LibertyCon Store. The number of ticket purchases per person will be limited to FOUR.

You will want to make sure you are logged into your Liberty on account. If you don’t remember your password, now is a good time to square this away.

The banquet space limits the number of seats to 110 people, this includes the Guest of Honors.

The banquet is served buffet style. The menu typically has two meats, several vegetables, salad, dinner rolls, and desert.

The theme for LC Banquet this year is Feast of the Full Moon. Costumes are not required to attend the banquet, but they are highly encouraged.


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