LibertyCon 33 Goes Virtual

Hi everyone,As larger groups have begun to return after the shutdown, our venues have been determining what their policies should be for conventions and day groups. While trying to be as flexible as possible during this learning process, they recently made the decision to allow groups like LibertyCon to move their 2021 dates to the next year with a much lower penalty than we originally thought.

This wasn’t part of our conversation when I put out the video so with this option, we’ve made the difficult decision to move to a virtual format for 2021 and come back with a physical convention during the weekend of June 17, 2022. We’ve been working hard to find a balanced approach to keeping people safe while respecting and allowing the exceptions in the current mandates, meeting our minimum room nights, having enough staff and finding event insurance. We have come to the conclusion that we simply cannot find that balance right now.

All memberships, huckster fees and banquets will roll to the date in 2022. If you cannot make that date, please let us know and we’ll continue to roll it for one additional year. If you are in the hotel room block, please go ahead and cancel your reservation. Any reservations still remaining in the room block after March 12 will be automatically cancelled. Several people have rooms that are outside of the room block. The hotel has no way of identifying who is with the convention, so please cancel those rooms. If you are outside of the room black and do not cancel your reservation, you will be charged for it.I know that this is very frustrating for everyone and disappointing for many who were looking forward to a physical convention. Conventions in general are an important part of our lives. LibertyCon is not only a fun weekend for all those who come but also provides much needed income and business opportunities for authors, artists and vendors. Although it’s not the same as being together, we are GOING to have LibertyCon 33, just virtually. We’ll have a place for vendors and artists, virtual hangouts and a TON of programming, both prerecorded and live. And it will be free to everyone. So look for more on that to come!

All of our current Guests of Honor will not only be participating in the virtual format this year, but have confirmed that they will attend next year as honored past guests.

To be clear, the items above are why we are moving to a virtual format, not any current controversy in fandom. Because of the timing we figured that would be a question in people’s minds, so wanted to address it immediately. As I’ve expressed my frustration that we couldn’t seem to figure out how to have a successful physical convention, I was reminded that I always say ‘We love everyone’. And that more than ever, this is an ideal worth striving for. We’ll adapt and continue to provide that space for everyone who loves good (and so bad it’s good) science fiction and fantasy literature.

I look forward to you joining us for an AMAZING virtual weekend this June!

– Brandy


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