LibertyCon®33 Video Archive

Opening Ceremonies
Closing Ceremonies
50 Years of SETI, Where is Everyone?
A Writer Walks into a Biker Bar…
An Author’s Hidden Income
Atlanta Radio Theater Company
Baen Traveling Slideshow and Prize Patrol
Charity Art Jam
Contracts You Shouldn’t Sign
Crafting a Realistic Totalitarian Society
Darwin’s Impact on Gothic Horror Literature
David Weber: The Weberverse
Doc Osborn’s Balloons of Doom
Doc Osborn’s New Fangled Medicine Show
Fireside Chat: Traumatic Brain Injury
Four Horsemen Universe Roundtable
Freehold Defiance Roundtable
From the Embers
Give Me LibertyCon Panel
Gunfight at Europa Station
GURPS: Ring of Fire
Have Space Suit Will Travel
Hollyweird Science Panel
Home Generators and Off Grid Power Sources
How to Pitch to a Publisher
In Conversation with Seanan McGuire
Interstellar Research Group (IRG) Update
Junk Science, How does it Start? Why is There So Much of It?
Mad Scientists Round Table
Masters of Military Science Fiction
Meet the Artist GOH: Tiffany Toland-Scott
Meet the Master of Ceremonies: Seanan McGuire
Meet the Newbies, Part 1
Meet the Newbies, Part 2
Meet the Newbies, Part 3
Meet the Newbies, Part 4
Meet the Newbies, Part 5
Meet the Special GOH: Darrel “Doc” Osborn
Meet the STEM GOH: Art Dula
Monster Hunter International – Guardians / Bloodlines Panel
Mythology and Art
Orbital Mechanics Without Math
Panel: No Shit There I Was
Panel: Technological Future of War
Panel: The Art and Craft of Writing Humor
Primordial Threats
Q&A Patricia Briggs
Recycling: From Stars to Starships
Salvage Title Universe Roundtable
Serial Killers: An Academic Study
So You Want to Write Game Stuff?
Space Update Panel
SPEARED: the Single-Person Emergency Atmospheric Re-Entry Device
STEM GOH Art Dula and IRG Discuss Disruptive Space Technologies
STEM GOH Keynote Presentation: Commercial Use of Space
Straight Talk on Taxes for Authors and Artists
Terraforming Venus
The Allure of Urban Fantasy
The Art of the Tarot
The Founder Effect Roundtable
The Glass Master at Work
The Problems and/or Benefits of Writing in Multiple Genres
The Regulation of Space Activities
The Romanov Rescue
The Singularity: When Will We Get There?
The Tech Behind Running a Virtual Convention
This Fallen World Round Table
This is the Actual Law of War
Very Vocal Vampire Voices
Wave-Particle Duality?
We Shall Rise Round Table
What is Easier to Write: Science Fiction or Fantasy?
What’s New from Bad Ash Publishing
What’s New from Chris Kennedy Publishing
What’s New from Copper Dog Publishing
What’s New From Silver Empire Publishing
What’s New from Steve Jackson Games
What’s New From Three Ravens Publishing
What’s New from Cannon Publishing
What’s New from Falstaff Publishing
Where’s My Flying Car Dammit!
Xenoarchaeology Roadshow
Your Results May Vary: Variable Stars and Betelgeuse

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