LC33 Charity Auction on Discord

The LibertyCon 33 Charity Auction is going on right now on the Discord page. Here are the instructions as found on the LibertyCon Discord Page.
100% of the bids will go towards the LC33 Charity of Choice: Downside Up Inc

Welcome to the LibertyCon33 Charity Auction!

Here are some instructions for this Discord auction to get everyone started.
• All times shown are Eastern Daylight Time
• All auctions go live immediately following Opening Ceremonies (5-6pm EDT on Eventeny – linked below[item_id]=5567)
• For easy navigation, you can see all items up for auction in the #auction-lobby with brief descriptions and links to the individual auction channels
• Auctions are color coded based on time of closing
o :red_circle: closes at 11pm EDT Saturday 6/26/21
o :yellow_circle: closes at 10am EDT Sunday 6/27/21
o :green_circle: closes at 12pm EDT Sunday 6/27/21
• Please keep bids in even dollar amounts
• Be prepared to provide your email address and potentially your shipping address if you win an auction
• You MUST have Paypal or Venmo in order to pay for your auction items
• Please use the following format in order to bid on an item:
o Full Name o Bid Amount
o (Ex. Closing Time 11pm means the highest bid received at 11:00pm is the winner)
• If at closing time there are two bids for the same amount posted with the same time stamp, the first shown will be the winner
• Discord allows users to edit their messages but please DO NOT use this feature. Any bids showing that they have been “Edited” will be disqualified. If you make a typo, you can delete your message and repost• Winners will be notified via Discord and further information/payment will be processed at that time
• All winning bids should be paid no later than Monday June 28, 2021 – 12pm EDT o If the winning bid is not received by that time, the auction will be offered to the next highest bidder
• In case you’re not familiar with the term – a Tuckerization is where the author will name a character after you


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