LC33 ArtShow Artists

We would like to introduce you to the fine artists who will be participating in the LibertyCon 33 ArtShow. Below you will find their names and, if they provided us one, a link to a website of their works.

All the links below will open up a new tab.

Tiffany Toland-Scott, our LC33 AGoH –

Andrew Souvinette

Anita Moore –

April Robinson –

Arden Nixon

Bryan Jones

David Pancake –

Julia Morgan -Scott –

Karin Harris

Col. Kevin Fotovich –

Leia Powell –

Lubov –

Melissa Gay –

Mike Kucharski –

Natalie Rogers –

Peri Charlifu –

Rachel Rieckenberg –

Sara Glassman –

Sarah Clemens –

Stacy Morgan –

Yvonne Caverly

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