LibertyCon Blood Drive

Once again, LibertyCon 34 will be working with Blood Assurance of Chattanooga and having a blood drive. Those who at least attempt to donate and drain a vein will be entered into a raffle for a LibertyCon 35 Membership. As everyone knows, since everyone pays for memberships, this is open to attendees as well as staff and pros. Technically, it’s also open to Board of Directors… chances are the BoD will pass on this (looking at you Fritz).

If you would like to volunteer your time to help with the blood drive, please contact Fritz at or Brandy at

The Chattanooga Blood Assurance folks will set up an online appointment schedule page for folks to register for an appointment. Walk-Ins are always welcome, but those of you who walk in may have to wait a bit for other veins to drain before you can pop a hole in your skin and fill a bag.

There will be a link to Schedule an Appointment, {{{Link for LC34 Blood Drive Coming in Spring 2022}}}

The Blood Mobile will be parked on Carter St in front of the Ballroom Hall Entrance of the Civic Center.

Hours of Operation

This will be on SATURDAY, June 18, 2022. Actual hours and schedule will be posted around April 2022.

All donors will receive a T-Shirt from Blood Assurance. They will have many sizes available for everyone from small to xxx-large.

Returning for LC34

Thanks to the volunteer work of Brad Handley of TRMN, The Royal Manticoran Navy, working with the Heinlein Society, we are a Heinlein Society Sponsored Blood Drive. We are VERY Happy to be a part of this.

From the Heinlein Society Page:

This is the Blood Drive pin given out to donors at Heinlein Society-sponsored Blood Drives. The pin was designed by Robert A. Heinlein and means: Science Fiction has a heart.

Every year the Heinlein Society spends several thousand dollars for these pins, and are happy to do so, as each pin represents a blood donor. But with the extreme success of blood drives at large conventions like DragonCon, we’re afraid we won’t be able to afford enough pins for everyone. If you’d like to donate specifically to the Blood Drive fund, please use this Paypal link. Thank you for Paying it Forward!

This is the note from Brad:

“The Heinlein Society has provided pins, ribbons, and thank you cards! These are available to everyone who donates blood to this drive. After you have donated, come by the Dealer’s Table for Mystik Waboose (The T-Shirt Vendors). The Heinlein Society Pay It Forward Swag will be available for pickup.

“For those who are part of the TRMN/Andermani Fleet Event, you can earn your first or your NEXT Wound Stripe by donating blood. You can proudly wear the.Heinlein Society pin on your lanyard with your TRMN ID.

“After you have donated, come by the Dealer’s Table for Mystik Waboose and sign in. Show us your Coban Wrap and SgtMaj Brad Handley or his assist Platoon Sgt Paula Handley will ensure the blood stripe is listed in the AAR report to the TRMN.”

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