Special Guest of Honor

Special Guest of Honor: Christopher Woods

Christopher Woods has been an avid reader all his life. He is also the mastermind who conceived the idea and brought together the anthology, “Give Me LibertyCon!” – a tribute to LibertyCon Founder, Uncle Timmy Bolgeo.

Not only does he edit, he writes books too! In addition to “This Fallen World,” he has written five books in his wildly-popular Soulguard series, as well as “Legend” and several short stories in the Four Horsemen Universe. He currently lives in Woodbury, TN, with his step daughter and his wife, who often reminds him that he should watch what he says because he tends to fall asleep long before she does.

To contact Mr Woods send e-mail to soulguard4@gmail.com. You can keep up with his new books by visiting his web page: theprofessionalliar.com

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