Two days. Just TWO DAYS!

In the coming days there will be lots of LibertyCon photos taken, and we would love to see them all.

Also, as you write about your LibertyCon experience, we wanna read them.

When sharing photos and stories across the various social media outlets, if everyone uses the hashtag #LibertyCon32 then we’ll be able to find them.

We are so looking forward to seeing everyone!

Everyone: May your travels be uneventful, easy, and safe.

Tennessee Aquarium

The Tennessee Aquarium has put together a special coupon just for LibertyCon! How cool is that!?!

This coupon is good from Wednesday June 26 thru Tuesday July 2, 2019.

Only one coupon will be needed for the whole group. This digital coupon can be used, and there will be printed coupon on the Swag Table.

LC33 Membership Sale Date Non-Announcement

Happy Monday everyone!

We had a meeting yesterday. As expected since it was the last meeting before the convention, it was a long meeting.

One of the more popular questions we have recieved over the last several weeks is:

When are the LC33 Memeberships going to go on sale?

We will be announcing the date during Closing Ceremonies of LC32.

What we will mention here is when we are NOT going to do it:

The memberships WILL NOT go on sale on 4th of July nor the 4th of July weekend.

Rest assured knowing you can enjoy your holiday and holiday weekend without having to schedule this event into the mix.

After the date is announced we will be posting the information on the website and across all of our social media platforms. Everyone will have plenty of time to prepare for this possible Buy Out event (last year we sold out in less than six hours on the 4th of July).


Waiting List Announcement

Good Morning and Happy Monday!


We have a message for you from our Director of Registration, Matthew Fanny:

If you are on the LC32 Membership WAITING LIST, please check your email. There are quite a few folks on the Waiting List who have not responded to emails about a spot opening up.

We won’t be letting these spots go to waste. So please, check your emails and respond. Soon we will be offering those spots to subsequent people on the Waiting List.

Thank You.

LC32 Blood Drive

Happy Tuesday everyone!

For years now, LibertyCon has been working with Blood Assurance in Chattanooga and sponsoring a blood drive at LibertyCon on Saturday.

This year will be no different.

LibertyCon Blood Drive
Saturday, 29 JUNE 2019
10:30am to 3:30pm

Blood Mobile will be on Carter St. just outside of the Convention Center

With the assistance of Brad Handley of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association pushing for a bigger turn out, last year we filled every single available slot to give blood. As such, this year there will be two blood mobiles at LibertyCon!

The Heinlein Society will be onsite again this year and will be presenting blood pins and swag to any and all who either open a vein or help with the blood drive.

If you are unable to give blood but would like to help with the blood drive, or even if you wanna give blood and help out, let Fritz Ling know by sending him a Facebook PM or an email to fritz@libertycon.org.

Perks, if you give blood or help out with the blood drive you will:

  • Receive a tshirt from Blood Assurance
  • Recieve swag from The Heinlien Society
  • Receive swag from The Royal Manticoran Marine Corps
  • Be eligible to win a LibertyCon 33 Membership

We set a record last year! Let’s BREAK IT THIS YEAR!!!

The signup sheet is LIVE. The link to make an appointment is here:


Walk ins are welcome, but it is best to make an appointment to alleviate the amount of wait time a walk in might incure. We will point again, last year we filled the appointment book.

A Smile For Troops – LC32 Charity of Choice

Happy Monday Everyone!

We are in the FINAL FOUR WEEKS before LC32!

Expect to see last minute updates and messages through our social media resources over the next 25 days, ’cause it’s gonna happen.

Today’s post is about the LC32 Charity of Choice.

Every year we select a Charity to support. This year we selected A Smile For Troops, a local charity based in Huntsville, AL. They ship large shipments of care packages a few times a year to deployed active duty military all around the world. Their big event they hold each year is their Veteran Suicide Awareness 22 Won’t Do event.

We are proud of all the work they do throughout the year supporting our active duty service members and veterans, and are very happy to have them as our LC32 Charity of Choice.

A portion of everyone’s LC membership goes into the money raised for charity. While there are some money raising events sponsored by LC during the year, the BIG event is the LibertyCon Charity and Art Auction held during Saturday evening at LC.

LC members from all over bring items to donate into the Charity Auction.

• Clothes
• Toys and Collectibles
• Hair and Body Product
• Author Tuckerizations
• Author First Reader Lists
• Your very own Munchkin Card
• Limited Edition Art Prints
• Rare Books
• And, much more

We would like to highlight, at this time, some items being donated by Good Karma Vintage Boutique, proprietors Michelle & Jamie Ibson.

Not only are they donating the following items directly to the Auction, they will be setting up just outside of Chris Kennedy and Rob Howell’s Saturday Night Room Party with a full rack of revitalized amazing vintage clothing available for a donation. They will not be selling anything, but will have a donation container available if you feel so inclined to give. All monies will be donated to the LC32 CoC.

Below are the pics of the special items which will be available at the LC32 Auction to bid upon.