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LibertyCon 32
June 28 – 30, 2019

LibertyCon 32 Guests of Honor


Literary Guest of Honor: Sarah A. Hoyt

Artist Guest of Honor: Mitch Foust

Science Guest of Honor: Dr. Arlan Andrews

Special Guest of Honor: Uncle Timmy Bolgeo

Master of Ceremonies: John G. Hartness

All Badges will be available for pickup at the convention.

As of July 4, 2018, LibertyCon 32 has been a Sold Out convention, as we limit our membership to 750.

LibertyCon 32 Tshirts

LC32 TShirts are available for order on the LibertyCon Store!
Orders must be made by May 20, 2019. The shirts will be available for pickup at the convention.


NEWS FLASH – 21 FEB 2019

On Wednesday, 20 Feb 2019, at 2pm we received a call that no convention wants to get.  Due to delays in their construction schedule, we will not be able to hold LibertyCon at the Read House this year on May 31 – June 2, 2019.  After some very late night and early morning discussions and negotiations, we are relieved to say that we have a new home for the next several years, but with so many conventions using Chattanooga as a destination, we could not get the same weekend.  LibertyCon will now be held at the Marriott and the Chattanooga Convention Center on June 28 – 30, 2019.

For those of you with hotel reservations at the Read House, we will be transferring them to the Marriott at the same price.  You do not have to cancel anything.  You may call 423-756-0002 on Tuesday, February 26 if you are in this category and add your credit card to the reservation.  Please check your arrival and departure dates too.  We have gotten a few extra rooms, so this weekend we will be begin working through the hotel waiting list.  You will get an email from us asking if you want a room, etc. when your name comes up.  At this time the Marriott will not be taking separate LibertyCon reservations at the convention rate outside of this list.  However, if we make it through the waiting list that the Read House gave us we will open it up immediately.

We know that this will mean that some people will not be able to attend and we can’t tell you how much that pains us.  If there had been any way to keep our dates and still put on a quality convention, we would have done so.  Losing half of the guest rooms and other areas of an already small hotel made that simply impossible.  If you can’t come, please email us at brandy@libertycon.org and we will either roll over your membership or refund your money, whatever works better for you.  And if you also have a reservation at the Read House that we’ve moved to the Marriott, let us know that and we’ll cancel that for you as well.

Even though we could not have anticipated this, we are still deeply sorry for the change.  We know that many of you have requested time off work already and made plans, some of which cannot be changed.  We are going to go ahead and get not only this year’s information changed on the website but we will also be posting next year’s dates.  We are moving back to a rolling 3 year contract now that we have chosen the Marriott and adjacent Convention Center to be our permanent home.

This change will not only allow us to actually have the convention this year, but to expand our programming events back to our normal capacity, including adding back our banquet and kaffeeklatch events.


It has been over six months since the mad dash sales of July 4, 2018 and we still CAN NOT Believe we are SOLD OUT that fast!

Registration for LC32 opened on 04JUL2018 at 8am EDT.

Registration closed for LC32 5hrs 52min 50sec later.

We are stunned, humbled, and honored to be SOLD OUT of 750 memberships in less than SIX hours. The Board of Directors will most certainly be discussing this new problem of ours. The earliest we’ve sold out in the last 6 years is March 4th. This is a brand new experience for us.

LC32 WAITING LIST is closed as of October 6, 2018. This is due to having over 250 on the waiting list.


When life gets in the way, sometime people are unable to attend LibertyCon. If this happens, please send Brandy and Matt (registration@libertycon.org) an email, your membership will be rolled over to the following year, and the slot(s) which open up will be made available to the next person on the LC32 Waiting List.