Greetings from LibertyCon! Thank You for Visiting our page..

LibertyCon 32
June 28 – 30, 2019
Downtown Marriott and Convention Center

LibertyCon 32 Guests of Honor

Literary Guest of Honor: Sarah A. Hoyt

Artist Guest of Honor: Mitch Foust


Science Guest of Honor: Dr. Arlan Andrews

Special Guest of Honor: Uncle Timmy Bolgeo

Master of Ceremonies: John G. Hartness

All Badges will be available for pickup at the convention.

As of July 4, 2018, LibertyCon 32 has been a Sold Out convention, as we limit our membership to 750.

LibertyCon 32 Tshirts

LC32 TShirts are available for order on the LibertyCon Store!
Orders must be made by May 20, 2019. The shirts will be available for pickup at the convention.


NEWS FLASH – 04 MAY 2019

The May LibertyCon Meeting is over.

A LOT of stuff was covered.

Among the items discussed:

• The Mad Scientist Panel will be able to start Saturday Night and run until the of the madness is discussed.

• Same goes for Filk

• Room Parties will be happening. If you wanna have one and haven’t let us know yet, you NEED to send Brandy an email to bspraker@libertycon.org.

• The Banquet is gonna happen!

Speaking of the LC32 Banquet, this will be the first of several announcements letting folks know the banquet tickets will be going on sale this week.

UPDATE: The LC32 Banquet Tickets went on sale Friday May 10, 2019 at 9pm EDT. They sold out in just under 90 minutes.



NEWS FLASH – 03 MAY 2019

Today’s tidbit is about our Consuite. Due to popular demand, we will be adding a second adjacent room for seating. Enjoy Vonn’s amazing homemade goodies while striking up a conversation with an old or new friend.

And don’t forget, if you are in the area come by tomorrow and join us for our next to the last staff meeting! If you need directions, PM us.

NEWS FLASH – 02 MAY 2019

Hi all, Brandy here!  I can’t believe that we are less than two months out!  With the change in venue and date, we are a little behind where we normally are this time of the year, so for the next 7 days we’re going to give you information on things that are going on at LibertyCon.  We’ll be opening up the room block since we’ve turned over some rooms, we’ll be talking about when we are going to put banquet tickets on sale and lot of other fun things!  So stay tuned! 

Today we’ll mention that Rich is feverishly working on the programming schedule but isn’t done yet because of the complete change in rooms.  So… I’ve locked him in a room and won’t let him out until it’s done… well, except for his pesky day job, but I’m bugging him to retire so I’ll have all of his attention!!!  That’s not selfish, it’s practical!  When I asked him what would help him most, he mentioned the sheer number of emails that he’s getting, so to help him out I wanted to let everyone know that if you are on programming, he will be getting with you in three – four weeks at the latest to provide your schedule.  If you have urgent questions before that, please email me at brandy@libertycon.org and I’ll do my best to answer them. 

The wonderful Mike Massa is going to help us out getting the final touches put on author’s alley, so you might be getting an email from him soon if there are questions around that.   So check us out on FB every day this week for all of the news and we’ll put the same posts on the website!


We are still amazed about the mad dash sales of July 4, 2018 and we still CAN NOT Believe we are SOLD OUT that fast!

LC32 WAITING LIST is closed as of October 6, 2018. This is due to having over 250 on the waiting list.


When life gets in the way, sometime people are unable to attend LibertyCon. If this happens, please send Brandy and Matt (registration@libertycon.org) an email, your membership will be rolled over to the following year, and the slot(s) which open up will be made available to the next person on the LC32 Waiting List.

REGISTRATION FOR LC33 will happen after LC32 is over. The date the membership go on sale has yet to be selected. We will be announcing the THEY GO ON SALE ON THIS DAY date at the LC32 Closing Ceremonies.

LC33 though, we do have the actual dates for when the convention will happen. It will be at the Downtown Chattanooga Marriott and Convention Center on June 12-14, 2020. Go ahead and mark those calendars!