Online Pre-Reg

This is the place to purchase your LibertyCon Membership, Chattanooga’s Literary Science Fiction and Fantasy convention.

You will need to set up an account on this LibertyCon Site in order to properly register for a membership. Click on the Login Now button to get started.

Instruction for properly ordering your membership are a little further down on this page as well as on the Convention Badges page. We will need for the purchaser to fill out information in the “Information” section of the order. This entry box will not show up unless you have an account for the LibertyCon Site.

To register, while at the store, look over to the left Menu Bar under Categories and select -> Convention Badges <---- or just click here Do keep in mind, for Pre-Reg on this site, PayPal will HAVE to be utilized. If you are on a mobile device, please look for the lines in the upper-right hand corner (Android) or upper-left (iPhone). That will give you the option to select the categories and items. If this is your first time store, take a look at the Menu Bar.

Home will bring you back to the beginning of the Store page.

My Account will show you your account, which will be automatically made thru PayPal or you can manually create it by clicking the link mentioned earlier. Also, This will display ALL of your purchases, including pre-reg.

Shopping Cart takes you to the Shopping Cart.

Checkout takes you to Checkout after you are done shopping.

When finishing your order for badges, please use the following format for all badges for NAME ON BADGE, ACTUAL NAME, and BADGE HOLDER AGE:

Badge Type & Number: (name you want on badge), (legal name), (age)

This information MUST go in the “Information:” section of the order.

All Badges will be available for pickup at the convention.

If you have any questions you can contact the store manager at