Since we have so many people wanting to make sure that they have already Pre-Registered every year, we have this list for you to check.

This is pretty much the raw data (with our notes) taken from the registrations, so our apologies in case of an error.

We're working on making it an automatic process, so this list should be current up to the information that we have received and entered into the system

If you don't see your name on here and think you should be, please send an email to Matt Fanny and ask him about it

We sell out at 750 paid memberships, so keep an eye on our count. However some badges don't count toward our cap, which includes comped memberships for pros, rollovers from last year as well as children six and under.

Comped badges aren't listed here, but rollovers are denoted by an asterisk (*) and children are denoted by a plus sign (+)

Please Note: If you signed up with pen and paper at LibertyCon 29, you will not be listed here yet. We will be putting those names into the list, but it has to be done manually so will take a bit longer.