LibertyCon 30: June 30 - July 2, 2017

Current Memberships Sold: 606
Only 144 Left!

Pre-Registration List

Since we have so many people wanting to make sure that they have already Pre-Registered every year, we have this list for you to check.

This is pretty much the raw data (with our notes) taken from the registrations, so our apologies in case of an error.

We're working on making it an automatic process, so this list should be current up to the information that we have received and entered into the system

If you don't see your name on here and think you should be, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask him about it

We sell out at 750 paid memberships, so keep an eye on our count. However some badges don't count toward our cap, which includes comped memberships for pros, rollovers from last year as well as children six and under.

Comped badges aren't listed here, but rollovers are denoted by an asterisk (*) and children are denoted by a plus sign (+)

Please Note: If you signed up with pen and paper at LibertyCon 29, you will not be listed here yet. We will be putting those names into the list, but it has to be done manually so will take a bit longer.

Current Pre-Registrations

Aaron Haskins
Aaron Kennedy
Aaron Mays
Adam Grim
Alana Gants
Alarick Lewis
Albert Norman
Alex Lucyshyn
Alex Wakal
Alexa Swears
Alexander Moore
Alicia Ibarreta
Allen Lakner
Allyson Brooks
Alyssia Nixon
Amanda Spriggs
Amie Gibbons
Amy Guildroy
Amy Herring
Anderson Evans
Andrea Camp-Manuel
Andrew Boyer
Andrew Caballero
Andrew P Ludwig
Andy Green
Andy Mays
Angelina Adams
Anita C. Young
Anita Feller
Ann Darwin
Ann Schottler
Anna Grace Carpenter
Anna Lee Smith
Annastasia Webster
Athena Burkhead
Avery Abernethy
Barney Seaman
Barry Swift
Ben Koch
Benjamin Mitchell
Benjamin Olsen
Benjamin Silver
Benjamin Smith
Beth Patterson
Beth Roye
Beth Wilcox
Bethany DeFries
Betty Bouler
Bill Powe
Bill Swears
Bill Zukauskas
Billy Barefoot
Billy Frost
Blanchard Guthrie III
Bonnie Keen
Bradley Stewart
Brandon Crabtree
Brandon Richardson
Brandon White
Brent Medling
Brent Mehring
Brent Roeder
Brett Brooks
Brian Hampson
Brian Lee Gnad
Brisco Woods
bruce butler
Bryan Jones
Bryan Reed
Bryant Fisher
Bryce Lucyshyn
C. Scott Bragg
Camille Magnavito
+ Cara Greenstein
carlton mckenney
Carol Hendrickson
Carolyn R Lightfoot
Cathe Smith
Cecilia M. Arpin
Celina Boyles
Charles Rutledge
Charles Dickens
charles smith
Chastity Crabtree
Cheri Partain
Chris Baggott
Chris DeBoe
Chris Smith
Chris Walker
Chris Whitaker
Chrissy Anjewierden
Christine Chapin
Christopher Frank
Christopher Greenstein
Christopher Maddox
Christopher Rinehart
Christopher Robin
Christopher Woods
Chuck Wingo
Clay White
Clifford James Ellison Moore
Conlin Baggott
Connie Greenstein
Connie Trieber
Cora Schantz
Coriel Ezell
Cory Gilliam
Crystal Ritchie
Curtis Scott
Cynthia A. Groller
Cynthia Anne Cofer
Dan Darden
Dan Griswold
Dan Kauffman
Dan L. Hollifield
Daniel Allen Butler
Daniel Naaman Taylor
Daniel Neely
Daniel Poore
Danielle Hosmun
Darin Kennedy
Darren J Rout
Darryl Hadfield
Dave Pascoe
Dave Schroeder
David Besch
David Bogen
David Boyles
David Butler
David L. Burkhead
David Pascoe
David Peters
David R Hosmun
David R. Ingram
David Rowland
David Watson
Dawn Cloyd
Dawn Paris
Dawn Pulliam
Dawn Witzke
Debbie Dribin
Debi Chowdhury
Deborah Gants
Deborah Pascoe
Deborah Rice
Diana Fisher
Diane Ferguson
Diane Houghton
Diane Walker
Dillis Freeman
Don Puckett
Donna McKeel
Donna Waltz
Doris Manning
Dorothy Grant
Douglas Dandridge
Douglas Burbey
Douglas Goodall
Douglas Lampert
Douglas Loss
Doyle Kent
E. Reece Dike
Ed Brown
Ed Carlson
Ed Smith
Edward Tolley
Eileen. Butler
Elizabeth DeJong
Elizabeth Kelley
Elizabeth Lightfoot
Elizabeth Lobdell
Elizabeth Lytle-Wilcox
Elizabeth Schroeder
Ellie Rowland
Elna Mitchell
Emily Nelson
Emma Beck
Eric Esper
Eric Vivier
Erick Jackson
ernest grigsby
Felecia W. McDuffie
Francisca Small
Frank Brayman
Frank Fry
Frank Kalisz
Fred Robinson, Jr
Fred Robinson, Jr.
Fred Robinson, Sr
Fred van Hartesveldt
Gabrielle Lott-Fisher
Gail Z Martin
Gene Smith
George Jacobs
Gerald Martin
Ginger Cochrane
Glenda Smith
Glenn Baggott
Gray Rinehart
Greg Barnette
Greg Donahue
Greg Eden

Gregory C. Arpin
Greta Schantz
Griffin Peters
Hans G. Schantz
Heather Becker
Heather Brooks
Heather Dunn
Heather Holowach
Heather Peters
Heather Ridolfi
Heather Smarekar
Helen Pieve
Henry Vogel
Inga Johannesen
Isabelle Koch
J.D. Beckwith
Jacob Spriggs
James Cochrane
James L. Young Jr
James Liang
James M. Rice
James R Maynard III
James Skidmore
James Terry Burns
Jamie Hall
Jamie Ibson
Jane Bowden Venters Dike
Jane Kilgore
Janet Baggott
Janice Keeling
Jared Anjewierden
Jarrod Alberich
Jasmine DeGroot
Jason Giles
Jason Jackson
Jason Roberts
Jay Thomason
Jean Goddin
Jeff Duntemann
Jeff Jarvis
Jeff McCollum
Jeff Wormsley
Jenna Steigerwalt
Jennifer Liang
Jennifer Stewart
Jeremy Levitt
Jerold M Stratton
Jerry Bacon
Jesse Roye
Jim Berger
Jim Curtis
Jim Kennedy
Joann parsons
Joe Buckley
Joe Green
Joe McKeel
Joe Muse
Joel Boyles
Joey Hannah
John Bouler
John Campbell
John H. Arpin
John Hicks
John Holmes
John Kincaid
John Muse
John Pieper
John Preston
John R. Arpin
John Sage
John Sloan
John Trieber
John Van Stry
Jon Nials
Jonathan D Lightfoot
Jonathan David Baird
Jonathan Glenn
Jonathan Iffland
Jonathan Pascoe
Jonathan R Lightfoot
Jonathan Snyder
Jonna Hayden
Joseph Capdepon II
Joseph Meany
Joshua Kennedy
Judy Dickinson
Judy Lee
julian thompson
Julie Frost
Julius A. Brueck
Justin Baxter
Justin Watson
Kacey Ezell
Karen Bogen
Karen Evans
Karin Harris
Karl K. Gallagher
Katherine Hosmun
Kathleen Berger
Kathryn Yeager
Kathy Powe
Kathy Wormsley
Katie Barnette
Katie Baxter
Katie Jester
Keith Mitchell
Kelley Ceccato
Kelly Lockhart
Kelly Ludwig
Kenneth Mitchell
Kevin Evans
Kevin Pulliam
Kim Schoeffel
Kimberly Stotler
Kirk Conover
Kirk Surber
Kris Scott
Kristen Peck
Kristine Dennis
Kristine Seaman
Kyle batchelor
Larissa Lichty
Larry A. Bauer
Larry Bacon
Larry Jones
Larry Ridolfi
Larry Southard
Laura Brayman
Laura Gallagher
Laura Montgomery
Lee Ann Dalzell
Leigh Boros
Leigh Smith
Leo Dulin
Leon Jester
Leslie Dulin
Leslie Haven
Lin Daniel
Linda Bolgeo
Linda Kay Lighfoot
Linda Lakner
Linda Svaib
Linda Wicklund
Linda Zielke
Lindsey C. Hollifield
Liota Wakal
Lissa Hailey
Luca Tomei
Lynda Pickett
Lynn Abernethy
Lynne Billington
Madison Smith
Margaret (Peg) Smarekar
Margaret Tackett
Maria Grim
Marianna Tomei
Marie Verheyen
Marisa Wolf
Mark A. Buckmaster
Mark Davis
Mark Paulk
Mark Wandrey
Martha Knowles
Mary Ann van Hartesveldt
Mary Anne Vivier
Mary Lampert
Matt Ceccato
Matt Eklund
Matt Wyers
Matthew Asnip
Matthew Wilkins
Maureen Vaughan
Maurine dorris
Maurizio Tomei
Maxim Poddubny
Megan Miller Baird
Megan Snider
Mel Boros
Melanie A. Hosmun
Melanie Boyd
Melanie Higgins
Melein ACM Brueck
Melinda Allen
Melisa Todd
Melissa Sleeman
Melissa Thompson-Croy
Melonie Brown
Melvin Baumgardner
Michael Ankenbrandt
Michael Bast
Michael Gants
Michael J. Allen
Michael Lynch
Michael Stone
Michaela Pascoe
Michelle Farenci
Michelle Ibson
Mickey Dubrow
Mike Lermon

Mike Massa
Mike Willmoth
Millie Kalisz
misty thompson
Monalisa Foster
Monika Beeman
Monika Beeman
Morgon Newquist
Nancy Edwards
Nancy Sampson
Nancy Skidmore
Nathan Balyeat
Neal Ross
Nick Braker
Nicole Boyer
Nina Smith
Noah Lane
Nora Pieper
Norman Johnson
Oleg Volk
Oren Truitt
Oreta Campbell
Paige Chrisie
Pamela Adams
Pamela Heeren
Pamela Kliger
Pamela Nicole
Pat Engel
Pat Lucyshyn
Patricia Clements
Patricia Gilliam
Patricia McIntosh-Mize
Patrick J. Gibbs
Patrick Pebley
Paul Boberg
Paul Gilles
Paul Marshall
Paul Neubauer
Paul Perrotta
Paula S. Jordan
Pearl Mays
Peggey Rowland
Peggy Sue Brooks
Peter Grant
Peter Sanders
Peter Wilcox
Phil Haskett
Philip Wohlrab
Phillip Schultz
Phyllis Boros
Pixie Garcia
Priscilla Sage
Rachel Cates
Randall Hartwig
Randolph Jacobs
Randy B. Cleary
Randy Kerpet
Randy Norris
Randy Walker
Ray Jones
Rebecca Brayman
Rebecca Conover
Rebecca White
Regina Kirby
Resa Wilkins
Rich Hailey
Richard Allen
Richard Cartwright
Richard Chandler
Richard Groller
Richard Swift
Richard Wallace
Richard Weyand
Rick Boatright
Rita Beeman
Rob Reed
Robb Boros
Robbie Zukauskas
Robby Hilliard
Robert Dickinson
Robert Gants
Robert Groller
Robert Smith
Robert Spriggs
Robert Young
Robert Zielke
Robin Cookson
Robin Moates
Robin Stratton
Roger Ross
Roman Lucyshyn
Ron McMahon
Ronald Lavender
Ronald Zukowski
Ross Hathaway
Roy Lee Allison
Ruby Loss
Russell Newquist
Sally Boberg
Sally Field
Sande Ankenbrandt
Sara Glassman
Sara Koch
Sarah Pascoe
Sarah Shikenjanski
Sarah Williams
Scott Atkins
Scott Dribin
Scott Kilgore
Scott McIntosh-Mize
Scott Tackett
Seamus Curran
Shannon McKay
Sharan Hoyle
Sharon Moore
Shawn Carey
Shawn Carter
Sheldon Smith
Sherry Boatright
Sherry Teague
Sondra Massey
Sophia Boros
Stan Bundy
Star Roberts
Stephanie Baxter
Stephanie Mawyer
Stephanie Souders
Stephanie Souders
Stephen Douglas Nelson
Stephen Fleming
Stephen Hampson
Steve Roberts
Steven Burge
Steven Hager
Steven Smith
Steven Swiniarski
Steven Wright
Stuart Herring
Sue Phillips
Sue Thorn
Susan Bound
Susan Hall
Suzanne Owen-Wallace
Tamara Lowery
Tammi A. Miller
Tammie Darden
Tania McIntyre
Terence Asbury
Teresa Howard
Teresa Nials
Teresa R Meldrum
Terrell Scoggins
Terry Davis
Terry Maggert
Thane Grim
Thomas Beddingfield
Thomas Lobdell
thomas monaghan
Thomas R Feller
Thomas Rogneby
Thomas Wicklund
Tia Grubb
Tim Bolgeo
Tim Davies
Tim Johnston
Tim Walker
Tirzah Lynette Burns
TJ Morris
Tracey Kennedy
Travis Beck
Trena Poland
Tricia Frank
Tyler Gants
Valerie Green
Valerie Hampton
Van Allen Plexico
Vickie Tatum
Victoria Snowden
W.A. Thomasson
Walter Fisher
Wayne Blackburn
Wayne Ligon
Wendi Spayth
Wendy Woods
Wesley Gladden
whit williams
Will McAmiss
William Cloyd
William B Hedrick II
William Duke
William Howe
William M
William Ogle
William Zielke
Yvonne Gants
Yvonne Jacobs
Zachariah Ludwig
Zack Czengoldi
zack glouser
Zane Voss


If you have any questions or need to contact us about your pre-registration, feel free to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.