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Bob Maurus

Bob Maurus


LibertyCon 3 Artist Guest of Honor (1989)

It's hard to write about yourself without sounding pompous, stiff or overly cute, but here goes. As far back as I can remember I've always made art - it runs through my father's side of the family for at least the last several generations. I finally got serious about it in my mid/late twenties, and spent four years at the Atlanta College of Art, concentrating on painting and printmaking on my way to becoming a sculptor. Go figure, huh?

Science Fiction and Fantasy have been lifelong interests, along with mythology and medieval history, Egyptian, Celtic and Viking art, dinosaurs and the natural world in general. I'm a sucker for word plays and puns - the more atrocious the better - and I'm drawn to layered works, the kind that yield their secrets a few at a time, giving you something new each time you visit. I like Disney, Kay Nielsen, Edmund Dulac, Ivan Bilibin, Wyeth and Beardsley and Cicely Mary Barker, early Picasso and Winslow Homer, Deco and Nouveau - it's potentially an endless list, and somewhere or other they all probably figure into what I enjoy doing.

If there really are such things as previous lives, I think I might have been Japanese once, and/or Irish. As the pictures will attest there's your basic Scandinavian pillager in there somewhere too and - just to muddy the waters - my surname is Latin for the Moor.Now that intrigues me - I don't know if I'll ever find an answer, but it surely does intrigue me.

I've done beer stein, shot glass and goblet prototypes for M. Cornell Importers in St Paul; Scottish clan badges and kilt pins for Dunedin Scottish; medallions and event badges for the Whitewater Longhunters, a blackpowder re-enactment group in Alabama; prototypes for toy and doll manufacturers; guest presentation pieces for several Science Fiction conventions; and private jewelry commissions. I sculpted for Gallo Pewter for the better part of 20 years, had a short but brief tenure at TSR during their waning days (interesting place), and did pieces for SIAB for several years before settling in with 4C Collectibles. Along the way I've done a little bit of book and magazine illustration, had a short-lived career writing columns for a local newspaper - I was sort of the token liberal, and a short story of mine was included in the NAMELESS PLACES anthology from Arkham House. Even masqueraded as an Irish folksinger for a while with a friend. We called ourselves Gilhooley and Schwartz. Chris was the talent there. On a good night I soared to the heights of mediocrity. But hey, we had a following.