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Robert Adams

Robert Adams


LibertyCon 3 Author Guest of Honor (1989)


US soldier and writer best known for his Post-Holocaust Horseclans sequence of adventures set after 2500 AD in a series of states occupying what was once the USA and dominated from behind the scenes by a strain of immortal Mutants, while an unsavoury group of human scientists opposes them from a secret base. Occasionally the reader gains sight of repulsive sects who decayedly parody twentieth-century movements - Ecology, for instance - that were betes-noires of the author, who was not averse to polemical intrusions which have not perhaps worn very well, though he did not utter the full-blown Survivalist doctrines adopted by writers who followed him. The sequence begins with The Coming of the Horseclans (1975; exp 1982), Swords of the Horseclans (1977) and Revenge of the Horseclans (1977) - all three being assembled as Tales of the Horseclans (omni 1985) - and ends with The Clan of the Cats (1988). Two Shared-World anthologies - Friends of the Horseclans (anth 1987) and Friends of the Horseclans II (anth 1989) - also appeared, both edited with his wife, Pamela Crippen Adams. A second series, the Castaways in Time alternate-history Time-Travel sequence, begins with Castaways in Time (1980) and ends with Of Beginnings and Endings (1989). Most of his remaining work, including another, unfinished series, was fantasy; some of his anthologies, however - including Robert Adams' Book of Alternate Worlds (anth 1987) with Pamela Crippen Adams and Martin H Greenberg, Robert Adams' Book of Soldiers (anth 1988) with Pamela Crippen Adams and Martin H Greenberg and Alternatives (anth 1989) with Pamela Crippen Adams - were of sf interest. [JC]

(From Mr. Adams' page at the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction)