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Michael McCollum

Michael McCollum


LibertyCon 7 Author Guest of Honor (1993)

US control-systems engineer specializing in aerospace propulsion and author, who began publishing sf with "Duty, Honor, Planet" for Analog, April 1979. His first novel, A Greater Infinity (fixup 1982), established the pattern he would follow through the 1980s: a complex Space-Opera adventure plot - assembling the variously published Greater Infinity stories beginning with "Beer Run" (July 1979 Analog) - involves humans from Parallel Worlds, one of them ours, with one or more Alien races as Wars, quests and challenges galore generate a sense of movement. The Makers series - Life PROBE (1983) and Procyon's Promise (1985) - and the Antares series - Antares Dawn (1986), Antares Passage (1987) and Antares Victory (2002) - are in this mould, but Thunderstrike! (1989) deals more mundanely with what happens when a comet strikes Earth, and The Clouds of Saturn (1991) concerns human and internecine strife in the cloud-cities colonizing Saturn (> Outer Planets). McCollum's touch is usually light, and accusations of racism - occasioned by the sorry fate Africa suffers in the Makers books - seem almost certainly misdirected. A late series, the Gibraltar Stars sequence beginning with Gibraltar Earth (1999) and built around First Contact tropes, continues in the same vein. [JC]

(Taken from Mr. McCollum's page at the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction)