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Vincent diFate

Vincent diFate


LibertyCon 1 Artist Guest of Honor (1987)
LibertyCon 11 Artist Guest of Honor (1997)
LibertyCon 20 Artist Guest of Honor (2007)
LibertyCon 25 25th Anniv. Artist Guest (2012)
LibertyCon 26 Artist Guest of Honor (2013)

For more than three decades Vincent Di Fate has held an international reputation as one of the world's leading artistic visionaries of the future. People Magazine has said that he is "One of the top illustrators of science fiction, Di Fate is not all hard-edge and airbrush slickness. His works are always paintings - a bit of his brushwork shows - and they are all the better because of it." And Omni Magazine has made the observation that "Moody and powerful, the paintings of Vincent Di Fate depict mechanical marvels and far frontiers of a future technocracy built on complicated machinery and human resourcefulness. Di Fate is something of a grand old man in the highly specialized field of technological space art. Stirring images of far-flung environments have been his trademark." In his prolific career, he has produced art of science fiction, astronomical and aerospace subjects for such clients as IBM, The Reader's Digest, The National Geographic Society, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Di Fate has received many awards for his paintings, including the Frank R. Paul Award for Outstanding Achievement in Science Fiction Illustration (1978), the Hugo Award (Science Fiction Achievement Award) for Best Professional Artist (1979), the Skylark Award for Imaginative Fiction (1987), the Lensman Award for Lifetime Contribution to the Science Fiction Field (1990), and the Chesley Award from the Association of Science Fiction/Fantasy Artists for Lifetime Artistic Achievement (1998). He was also Guest of Honor at the 50th World Science Fiction Convention in Orlando, Florida in 1992 and has been an honored guest at numerous regional SF and fantasy conventions throughout the U.S. since the late 1960s.

(From Vincent DiFate's Official Page)