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Catherine Crook de Camp

Catherine Crook de Camp


LibertyCon 1 Author Guest of Honor (1987)
LibertyCon 5 5th Anniv. Guest of Honor (1991)
LibertyCon 10 10th Anniv. Special Guest (1996)


US writer, married to L Sprague de Camp from 1939 until her death, and who served as his manager and accountant from the beginning of their partnership; additionally, over and above their several registered collaborations, she worked with her husband on many works released by publishers as by him alone, a lifetime collaboration he in fact openly acknowledged. The Raymond Z Gallun Award, for "outstanding contributions to the genre of science fiction", was presented to both authors in 1993.

De Camp's first work of genre interest was "Windfall" for Astounding in July 1951; in later years, she published solo several sf poems. Her collaborations with L Sprague de Camp begin around 1960, almost 30 years after the beginning of his career (many of his early works were also collaborative with other named writers) There is no effective way to distinguish her work from her husband's - as demonstrated by the celebratory Footprints on Sand: A Literary Sampler (coll 1981) as by both authors. In addition to her fiction, De Camp edited three assemblies for Young Adult readers, beginning with Creatures of the Cosmos (anth 1977), solo; she also wrote The Money Tree (1972), solo, a self-help guide to money management, though she is better known for two collaborations: Science-Fiction Handbook: The Writing of Imaginative Fiction (1953; rev vt Science-Fiction Handbook, Revised 1975) as by both authors, and Dark Valley Destiny: The Life of Robert E Howard (1983) as by both authors plus Jane Whittington Griffin (? -1983). [JC]

(From Mrs. de Camp's page at the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction)