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Sharon Green

Sharon Green


LibertyCon 5 Special Guest (1991)

Born in Brooklyn, NY. Born and raised in Brooklyn, attended New York University and graduated with a B.A. in 1963. Married in 1963, had three sons, divorced in 1976, raised the sons, Andy, Brian and Curtis, alone in New Jersey. Worked for AT&T as a shareowner correspondent, then as an all-around assistant in a construction company, then sold bar steel for an import firm. Left that job as assistant sales manager. I've been writing full time since 1984.

Hobbies: knitting, crocheting, Tae Kwon Do, fencing, archery, shooting, jigsaw puzzles, logic problems, math problems, not cooking.

Don't do my own research, since if I did I'd stay with that and never get any writing done. I usually can finish a novel of about 120,000 word in about three months.

(From Ms. Green's Homepage)