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Ron and Val Lindhahn

Ron and Val Lindhahn


LibertyCon 2 Artist Guests of Honor (1988)

Ron spent eleven years as a photographer and filmmaker for a Fortune 500 company. In 1978, he moved from California to North Georgia to teach meditation and work at a spiritual retreat facility. Val was already working in the field of illustration (garnering two Hugo nominations) when they met, were married and began working together in 1983. They live deep in the woods of the North Georgia Mountains. The couple's book cover illustrations have graced many top science fiction and fantasy authors' works, both in the U.S. and abroad. In addition to book covers, they have produced movie posters and video packages, posters promoting the North Georgia Mountains, T-shirt designs, images of TSR's Dungeons and Dragons series, and for a time they produced a monthly feature for Heavy Metal Magazine.

Ron and Val are now collaborating on their own illustrated book projects and have published The Secret Lives of Cats, How to Choose Your Dragon, and Old Misses Milliwhistle's Book of Beneficial Beasties.

They have been Illustrators of the Future judges since 1988. Ron is the Coordinating Judge of the Illustrators of the Future contest.