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Lydia Sherrer

Lydia Sherrer


Author of the Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus magical adventure series, Lydia Sherrer is a fantasy author whose goal is to leave this world a better place than when she found it. With an urban fantasy series, multiple short stories and a novella under her belt, Lydia has been writing for over a decade and enjoys nothing more than a good book, a cup of tea, and a comfy chair in the sunshine.

Growing up in rural Kentucky, she was thoroughly corrupted by a deep love for its rolling countryside, despite the mosquitoes and hay fever. She was instilled with a craving for literature early on, and her parents had to wrestle books away from her at the dinner table. Though she graduated with a dual BA in Chinese and Arabic, having traveled the world she came home and decided to stay there. She currently resides in Louisville, KY with her loving and supportive husband, and their very vocal cat.

With an enormous passion for life, creating things, and discovering the world, Lydia crams her days with all sorts of adventure when she's not working on her next book. She not only loves to play her ocarina (think Zelda), but also enjoys traditional archery, cosplay, larping, and art. She believes dark chocolate and tea are legitimate sources of nutrition, and one day hopes to visit every country in the world.

In addition to her modern fantasy series, Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus - the Lily Singer Adventures (she is 4 books into the 12 book series), Lydia Sherrers short stories have appeared in several anthologies. Her award-winning short story Hope, a post-apocalyptic tale of survival, won in Almond Press yearly dystopian short story contest and was awarded a place in their annual anthology, Apocalypse Chronicles. Her non-fiction essays have appeared in the Young Salvationist Magazine

Scheduled Programming Events Featuring Lydia Sherrer

Day Time Name of Event
Fri 01:00PM Paranormal Romance: Lovers and Stranger Others
Terry Maggert moderates this panel on the dynamics that drive the psyche in the world of paranormal romance.
Fri 05:00PM Opening Ceremonies
Opportunity to meet the LibertyCon Guests and Staff
Centennial Theater
(60 min)
Fri 06:00PM Author's Alley (Brooks, Kemp, Lowery, S. Osborn, Sherrer)
Come by the Author's Alley to chat, buy a book or get an autograph!
Fri 07:00PM Author's Alley (Maggert, Mandragora, McKeown, Rinehart, Sherrer)
Come by the Author's Alley to chat, buy a book or get an autograph!
Fri 08:00PM Author's Alley (Holmes, Howell, Sherrer, Spriggs)
Come by the Author's Alley to chat, buy a book or get an autograph!
Author's Alley
(60 min)
Sat 03:00PM Dark Urban Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Suspense: Where Do the Lines Blur?
Terry Maggert moderates this panel on the the tenuous seams between genres, and where the lines blur between Horror, Paranormal Romance and Paranormal Suspense.
Sat 04:00PM Autograph Session (Leacock, McKeown, Pascoe, Sherrer)
Autograph sessions will be located in the Dealer's Room. Authors will cycle through hourly, except for the author's that have their own tables who will be available when they are not scheduled in the program. Limit 5 books (if you bring more, get 5 signed and go to the back of the line.)
Sun 10:00AM Kaffeeklatsch
Have coffee / continental breakfast and chat with the pros
Sun 12:00PM Reading - Lydia Sherrer
Come out and have a seat as our author guest reads passages of her works
American Train Car
(60 min)
Sun 02:00PM Cooking Out of this World
Todd McCaffrey moderates this panel on the fine art and culinary peculiarities of Out of this World Cooking Literally and Figuratively. From real world recipes (like crepes) to blatant plugs (Anne McCaffreys anthology, Cooking Out of this World), to the real question of eating (and cooking) in space.