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T.J. Morris

T.J. Morris


TJ is a veteran of the US Air Force. He spent many days in the New Mexico desert during his youth. He has been married over thirty one years and is a father of three: two boys, one girl. In his life he has been a janitor, a carpenter, a diesel mechanic, an aircraft technician, a student, a teacher, and now a writer. His love of comics and science fiction/fantasy literature began when he was in sixth grade. This book marks the beginning of what he hopes to be a career in writing. He currently labors as an Algebra II and Advanced Mathematical Decision Making teacher at Lithia Springs High School in Litha Springs, GA. He coached Varsity Men's' Soccer team and has coached wrestling. TJ is an avid runner, bicyclist, and swimmer. He holds a federal firearms license, has built multiple motorcycles from scratch, and he competes in triathlons, marathons, and Ironman races, not the mention the Odd Zombie Run or Savage Race. TJ is a barefoot runner, yes that's right he runs with no shoes. That is a whole story that is yet to be written. He can be seen in races wearing his kilt with no shoes to honor his Scottish ancestry. He acted a the School's production of Beauty and the Beast as Maurice, Belle's Father. He sings in a blue grass Gospel quartet and can be heard belting out eighties tunes in the hallways of the school. He has traveled to Turkey, Spain, Ireland, Germany, and Portugal.

He also plays Piano, Banjo, Trombone, Tuba and Baritone...some better than others.

Scheduled Programming Events Featuring T.J. Morris

Day Time Name of Event
Fri 04:00PM Author's Alley (Allen, Bragg/Daniel Butler, Monroe, Morris)
Come by the Author's Alley to chat, buy a book or get an autograph!
Fri 05:00PM Opening Ceremonies
Opportunity to meet the LibertyCon Guests and Staff
Centennial Theater
(60 min)
Fri 07:00PM Autograph Session (Buettner, Matthews, Morris, Osborn)
Autograph sessions will be located in the Dealer's Room. Authors will cycle through hourly, except for the author's that have their own tables who will be available when they are not scheduled in the program. Limit 5 books (if you bring more, get 5 signed and go to the back of the line.)
Sat 07:00PM Reading - T. J. Morris & De Anna McHarge Manning
Come out and have a seat as our author guests read passages of their works.
(60 min)
Sat 09:00PM Author's Alley (K. Bogen, Gallagher, Gilliam, Morris, Perry)
Come by the Author's Alley to chat, buy a book or get an autograph!
Sun 10:00AM Kaffeeklatsch
Have coffee / continental breakfast and chat with the pros
Sun 11:00AM Author's Alley (Boop, Hicks, Morris, Spriggs, Swann)
Come by the Author's Alley to chat, buy a book or get an autograph!