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Anita Moore

Anita Moore


Anita S. Moore is a self trained artist (yeah that explains a lot for some critics) doin' it just for grins and joy.  In the late 1990s Anita began painting fun stuff from the Cthulhu Mythos. Her work has been described as the "primitive art style, unique, and with a certain sense of humor about it."  These were used on game night, and many pieces were sold over the internet.  A couple of gallery sites were established under the title The Gates Of Yith: Cthulhu Mythos Art of Anita S. Moore. From that site several other internet fan-zines asked use Anita's art in galleries, for covers of online/print publications and the occasional commissioned work.  On the local convention scene  Anita's Mythos paintings popped up at Liberty Con, Chatta*con, DragonCon ('98-'99) and World Horror Con '99, and Archon '98. In 2000, after the death of husband John, almost all 2D work stopped, and for several years only a few pieces commissioned for  a Canadian published RPG, nothing was produced.  In 2002 Anita helped a friend Kenny, establish a game store in Ringold GA and though it closed two years later, a whole new genre and method of work emerged.  Since 2004 Foofighterubu Wargame Terrain Studio has produced hundreds of river/waterfall sets, war torn buildings, castle towers, dungeon, mazes, alien landscapes: a host of environments for a wide variety of table top war gaming, and RPGs,  displays, dioramas and at least one science project. " Foo-Terrain"  has been shipped all over the world- about 45 out of 50 states, most of Europe, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Taiwan, Brazil, Singapore, Baghdad,  Canada, Australia, Japan  Afghanistan, (as well as many FPO Military deliveries to places that couldn't be identified ) and most recently Russia. Examples  can be seen here.   Foofighterubu Wargame Terrain Studio Having rekindled the old love of  2D painting and drawing.  Still a self proclaimed Amateur on the flat surfaces, Anita has become a sought after pro in the world of foam and flock.
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