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Brett Brooks

Brett Brooks


Once told that if he were a villain, he’d be called Sarcastro, Brett Brooks is a sharp-witted, dry-humored, and generous-natured writer based in metro Atlanta, Georgia. His work is intelligent, hilarious, and sometimes sexy, focusing on heroic characters, empowered women, and the occasional talking animal. He is not above defying the conventions of genre just to make sure a good story is told. Brett has long been involved in both the comic and gaming world. He has written comics for both Dark Horse and Tekno Comics, as well as working on White Wolf’s World of Darkness RPG. For twenty years he was a staff writer for Comic Shop News and the managing editor of Game Shop News. In the early 2000’s he published the cult-favorite RPG Xcrawl and later the kid-friendly RPG, Meddling Kids. From a novel writing point of view, he is the author of the critically acclaimed horror-comedy novel Edible Complex, as well as the fantasy novel series The Champions of Elan. His latest novel is the pulp-noir novel Red is the Darkest Color.
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