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Tedd Roberts

Tedd Roberts

     Scientist / Author

LibertyCon 28 Science Guest of Honor (2015)

Robert E. Hampson, Ph.D. a neuroscience researcher whose interest in public education and brain awareness has led him to write science fact and fiction with the goal of accurate, yet enjoyable brain science. For more than 35 years, he has taught and studied the physiology and pharmacology of memory, researched the effects of substance abuse on the brain, has worked toward the development of a "neural prosthetic" for restoring human memory function, and has published more than 150 professional research articles on memory and drug abuse.

Perhaps better known to fandom as "Speaker to Lab Animals" (an allusion to his research as well as the obvious Larry Niven homage) or by his pseudonym - Tedd Roberts. His keen interest in public education and brain awareness led him to join the National Academy of Science's Science and Entertainment Exchange and to advise many SF/F authors on the science underlying science fiction. He writes science fact articles for Baen Books and science fiction stories under his pen-name. Dr. Hampson is an Eagle Scout and has spent more than 25 years associated with all aspects of Boy Scouting - incorporating those themes into his forthcoming YA short fiction. He has also worked as a carpenter, retail merchandizer and clerk, computer technician and programmer, public school teacher, college tutor, medical school professor and professional Lab Rat. His primary degree is in Physiology/Pharmacology, but has also trained in neuroscience, medicine, chemistry, aquatic & environmental science, microbiology, nonlinear mathematics, electronics, physics, prosthetics, biomedical engineering, computer science, brewing & distillation and punning.

Married for nearly 30 years, he has two sons who are also Eagle Scouts. In his nonexistent free time he collects "curio and relic" firearms, sings in a choir, plays trombone in a Brass Octet and travels frequently to Scotland on work-related business that has absolutely nothing to do with his expertise and appreciation for single-malt Scotch.