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Thomas A. Mays

Thomas A. Mays


Thomas A. Mays (Tom) is a 19-years-and-counting veteran of the US Navy, working as an officer in the surface fleet aboard destroyers and amphibious ships, as well as teaching and assisting with research into electromagnetic weapons and ballistic missile defense. He has two degrees in Applied Physics, but his passion is writing (he tries not to let what he actually knows get in the way of telling a good story). An SFWA-qualifying short story author with 7 pro and semi-pro short stories published since 2009, A Sword Into Darkness is his first published novel.  He is working on a sequel (among other projects) and released an anthology of his published and unpublished military science fiction, REMO in April, 2014. Tom usually lives wherever the Navy tells him to (currently North Carolina), making a home with his lovely wife, three beautiful kids, and an insane Hawaiian mutt. Tom's blog, The Improbable Author, can be found at: http://improbableauthor.com/
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