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Dorothy Klapp

Dorothy Klapp

     Professional Panelist

Dorothy Klapp was born to a military family and raised wherever her father's postings took them. She went to Alaska on a whim, fell in love with the wildness of Nature up there, and learned to fly before she could drive;  hence the title of her blog - 'On A Wing And A Whim'. After almost a decade she ran into a former South African, and agreed with him that the merger of Northern cold and Southern heat would result in a match made in heaven.  She and Peter Grant married in 2010 and settled in Nashville, Tennessee, where she still surprises local pilots with the size of the tires on her bush-flying plane.  She's employed as a supervisor in the customer fulfillment sector of the economy, and is an active partner with her husband in independent publishing.

Scheduled Programming Events Featuring Dorothy Klapp

Day Time Name of Event
Fri 05:00PM Opening Ceremonies
Opportunity to meet the LibertyCon Guests and Staff
Centennial Theater
(60 min)
Sat 06:00PM Indie Publishing Workshop
Peter Grant and Dorothy Klapp will continue their series on indie publishing at Liberty this year, and will additionally address writing in multiple genres/categories of fiction, and also how to deal with obstacles that can crop up and interrupt one's progress.
Roosevelt Room
(120 min)
Sun 10:00AM Kaffeeklatsch
Have coffee / continental breakfast and chat with the pros