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Bob Hood

Bob Hood

     Professional Panelist

Nobody quite knows whether "Rev. Bob" is a twisted individual because he reads strange books, or if he reads the off-kilter stuff because he's weird. Either way, it was inevitable that his love of SF, comic/urban fantasy, horror, gaming, and High Weirdness would eventually bring him into contact with Steve Jackson (SJ) Games. He was recruited into the Men In Black in late 2005, after two existing MIBs found him wandering the halls of a convention with a tote bag stuffed with card games. He was subsequently given more and more responsibilities, until the only thing left was to hire him . . . and yet, he keeps coming back for more.

He now maintains the SJ Games website from the darkness of his secluded hilltop cave, from which mad cackling is sometimes heard in the dead of night. If you encounter him at a convention (or on Twitter), do not ask him for reading recommendations, unless you have a total disregard for your own sanity. He is also a high-level pun warrior, as well as a practicing Pastafarian and SubGenius. His latest strange habit is to tweet snarky commentary while watching movies on DVD or Blu-ray, using the dedicated @BobTitles account. He tries not to be spoilery about it.

He also claims to have invented Chanukwanzmasticivus, the all-inclusive holiday that lasts all December long. As yet, he has been unable to either fit the name on a greeting card or persuade the federal government to recognize it.