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Sam Flegal

Sam Flegal


LibertyCon 28 Artist Guest of Honor (2015)

Sam Flegal has been a freelance Illustrator since 2009. Working for book covers, hobby games, movie concept art, the History Channel, and private collectors, Sam loves to focus on exaggerated expressions and vibrant colors. Sam's preferred medium is oil paint.

Sam also has a deep love for Norse Mythology. In his personal work Sam depicts scenes from Norse Lore, a series he calls "Fateful Signs." Recently Sam has had great success with "The Illustrated Havamal," a 104-page book that explores the meaning behind an ancient collection of Norse wisdom through a series of meditative ink drawings. Sam's work from "Fateful Signs" was featured in the History Channel show True Monsters.

Sam Flegal's clients include Paramount Pictures, History Channel, AEG, Fantasy Flight, Hero Games, 3Some Games, Lone Wander, & Eagle Games. He's worked on titles like Scout's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, Warhammer 40K, Legend of the Five Rings, and Fantasy Hero Complete. Sam won Best Warrior and Best 2D at Dragoncon 2015, Best Color Work at Origins Game Fair 2015, 1st place in the Gen Con 2014 Art Show, Best 2D in the 2014 Liberty Con Art Show, the Jordan Con 2014 Judges' Choice Award, and the Gen Con 2012 Juror's Choice Award. His work was included in the fantastic art collection, Infected by Art Volume 2, and Volume 3.

Scheduled Programming Events Featuring Sam Flegal

Day Time Name of Event
Fri 05:00PM Opening Ceremonies
Opportunity to meet the LibertyCon Guests and Staff
Centennial Theater
(60 min)
Fri 07:00PM The Artist's Way: Artist's on the Art of Creation
Artist GOH Dan dos Santos moderates this panel on the creative spark and what drives inspiration.
Fri 09:00PM Artist Meet & Greet
Did something catch your eye in the Art Show? This is a chance to meet the Artist and let them tell you about it. Don't forget to bid!
Sat 06:00PM Win, Lose or Draw with the Pros
Jeff Jarvis hosts this fun and hilarious game of Win, Lose or Draw - come one, come all!
Sun 12:00PM World Mythology and It's Influence on Science Fiction and Fantasy Art and Literature
Dr. Darin Kennedy moderates this interdisciplinary panel on how world mythology has shaped and influenced science fiction and fantasy art and literature.