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C. S. Brown

C. S. Brown


2013 is proving to be the most prolific year yet for guitarist and electronic musician CS Brown! August 30 will see the release of his new solo album 'Arcade'. Seamlessly blending Rock, Techno, Trance, and even a touch of Dubstep, 'Arcade' is a musical experience that can best be described as the soundtrack to geek culture. In fact much of the album was born from music created by CS Brown for Dragon*Con TV for this year's upcoming convention.

CS Brown's previous credits include being one half of the intercontinental Progressive Rock duo Ghost Circus, guitarist for Prog Rock supergroup Roswell Six,(a musical projected spearheaded by author Kevin J. Anderson) and countless other appearances as a session guitarist and bassist.

CS Brown will be making a very special appearance at LibertyCon 26 performing as guitarist for Catherine Asaro.