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Holly McClure

Holly McClure

     Author / Publisher

Raised by Shaman, storytellers, preachers, and bluegrass musicians, child of the Smoky Mountains with a Cherokee mom and a father whose people came from the Scottish Highlands, Holly draws on her heritage for inspiration as an author and storyteller.

She founded Sullivan Maxx Literary Agency and represented authors of fiction and non fiction until the agency was acquired by Lexium Talent and Entertainment where she is still a consultant.

She is an ordained priest in the Celtic Christian Church and resides in Atlanta Ga.

Her writing is literary with a touch of the supernatural.

Among her books:

    The Vessel of Scion, [Ecanus UK,] brings the bloodline legend from its origin in the Garden of Eden to its culmination at the end of days in a fast paced international thriller.
    Conjuror, [Mercer University Press.] "just the title itself is enticing, but the entire story resonates with spirit, blending myth with reality, tragedy with triumph. A banquet of adventure." Steve Berry, NY times best selling author of The Patriot Threat.
    Low Country Mysteries, YA [Shuttered Lamp Books] for ages 9 and up Ghost Horses introduces Psychic Twins Hannah and Aislinn Hanover who work with Donovan, the earthbound spirt of the most gorgeous guy they've ever seen, to bring his murderer to justice and unearth family secrets that change their life. Ghost Guardian continues their adventures with Donovan as they connect with a long dead hero to find a kidnapped couple and save them from men who have killed to protect their secrets.
    A Message from Anne Elise, [Shuttered Lamp Books] Teacher, traveler, writer, gnostic priest, Anne Elise Grey is now with the eternal, but she left a little booklet to inform the seekers of wisdom.
    Taming the Shadow, [Shuttered Lamp Books]drawing on her counceling background and esoteric scholarship, the author produced this textbook/workbook to guide the reader through practical transformation.
    Too Big Buck, [Shuttered Lamp Books] In this picture book for young children, an wanted dog tells the story of how he found the family that accepted him just as he was. Good dogs, like good people, come in all shapes and sizes. Illustrated by Shirley Wanda Rackley.
You can find more about Holly at www.hollysullivanmcclure.com