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Painfully Funny Troupe

Painfully Funny Troupe


The Painfully Funny Comics that will be attending LibertyCon are Evan Fowler, Sabrina Pandora, Greg Behrens, Jamie Ward, Woody B, and Thomas Jenkins.

Evan Fowler is a comedian, writer, and actor. Based out of Atlanta, GA, Evan performs nightly on stages all over Georgia and throughout the country. He's been featured in such publications as Airtran's GO magazine, The Comic Bible, and Creative Loafing. In 2012, he was named Creative Loafing's "2012-13 Local Comedian of the Year". In addition to comedy, he is also an aspiring filmmaker currently in post-production on his first feature film "Good Grief Suicide Hotline".

"Sabrina Pandora is an Atlanta-based comedienne, emcee and personality who has been a part of the Atlanta comedy and convention scene for far too long for a woman her age. That means she's not only strange and unusual, she's old, strange and unusual! Aged, like a fine cheese. Also full-bodied, flavorful and dimply.

Damn, now I'm hungry..."

Greg Behrens has been developing his dark and twisted comedic style for several years as a cast member/writer in Atlanta's premiere, live Sketch Comedy troupe, Sketchworks. In 2011 Greg decided to fulfill his lifelong dream of being a struggling stand-up comic and began taking the Atlanta comedy scene by storm. Greg's mix of sharp wit, cynicism, and honesty can now be found making audiences laugh throughout the southeast and beyond. Once you see him, you'll never be the same.

Jamie Ward: Hi, I'm Jamie, and I tell jokes for a living. I've had the opportunity to travel across the country and perform all kinds of different shows, including colleges, businesses and several military posts. I've performed in several festivals, including The World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas, NV and The Lucille Ball Comedy Festival in Jamestown, NY. I have a few more industry credits and awards, but none of them means as much to me as the opportunity to share my love of comedy with all types of audiences.

As seen on craigslist. To hear Woody explain his role in life would require a comfortable chair and a shot of whiskey. He was born in Chicago raised in Georgia, spent 10 years jumping around the world as an Air Force military policeman, then 8 years in the adult industry in various roles. His unique perspective on life comes through on stage through humor and a willingness to talk on subjects felt taboo in a way that leaves the audience laughing.

Thomas Jenkins Is a comedian, layabout, and nerd who is pretty sure he could save the world from itself, but can't handle his career and social life. Sort of like the Spider-Man of comedy, but without the gratuitous cloning. You can see him perform all over the southeast spouting his humorous takes on dating, politics, Superman, and religion.