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Charles L. Fontenay

Charles L. Fontenay


LibertyCon 11 Master of Ceremonies (1997)


US newspaperman and writer, born in Brazil and raised in Tennessee from infancy, where he worked as a newspaperman for about half a century. He was a member of the If stable from the publication of his first story, "Disqualified", in September 1954, which he began much later to assemble in the incomplete Here, There and Elsewhen sequence of collected stories; he also wrote three somewhat routine sf novels over the next decade: Twice Upon a Time (1958 dos), Rebels of the Red Planet (1961 dos), an intrigue set on Mars, and The Day the Oceans Overflowed (1964), in which the manner of their doing so is scientifically ill-motivated. After his retirement he returned to writing sf with the long Kipton sequence of juveniles featuring the eponymous young girl in various adventures on Earth and in space, beginning with Kipton & Gruff (1995). Target: Grant, 1892 (1999) is a Time Travel tale whose Jonbar Point for an attempted creation of an Alternate History is the Civil War; Modal: A Tale of Mind and Body, Love and Heroism, in a Possible Future World (2000) begins an unfinished Ruined Earth sequence. Epistle to the Babylonians: An Essay on the Natural Inequality of Pain (1969), nonfiction, deals in part with the philosophy of science. [JC]

(From Mr. Fontenay's page at the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction)