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LibertyCon 26 Android App is available!

We're halfway there! Just so everyone knows, the LibertyCon 26 Android app is now available in the Google Play store! Ben submitted the iPhone/iPad version last week, but with Apple's approval process we're not sure when it will be up. But if you have an Android phone or tablet, you can get the app here:  LibertyCon 26 on Google Play

Edit: The IOS version of the LC26 App is now available as well and up in the Apple Store! Feel free to grab it for your iPhone/iPad/etc!

Also as a quick note, both versions (IOS/Android) have the map from last year. However he's working on getting a quick update pushed out with the new map for this year. (The only real changes of note are the removal of Town Hall and the addition of the Roosevelt Room)

And lastly, for the people having problems installing the Android version of their Nexus tablets (and others) he's also looking into that to try to get it fixed for you guys. I'll let you know if he gets a fix in place.