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LibertyCon News & Events

Two Week update!

Wow... the convention is only two weeks from today, and we're all busy trying to get everything finalized.  There are a couple of things I need to let everyone know:

1) Pre-Registration will end Sunday night (6/15) to allow for us to get the names to the printer in time.  If you haven't pre-registered, do it now!

2) There are still banquet tickets, but you might want to go ahead and get them as well instead of waiting.  They're going fast and if you wait until the convention you might not get a spot.


I got this in from Elayna last night about the 'Big Ticket' items for the Charity Auction. I don't know if she's posted it elsewhere already, but you can't promote charity too much! 

Charity Auction Items for LC26

  • Tuckerization from Chuck Gannon.
  • Tuckerization from Catherine Asaro.
  • Tuckerization from Kevin J. Anderson.
  • Art from Dan Cortopassi and Mark Paulk.
  • Pottery from Stacey Morgan.
  • Tarot cards from Melissa Gay.
  • We also have confirmation of items from Bryan Jones, Melissa Gay, Vincent diFate, and Sara M. Harvey!

Want to donate items to the charity auction? E-mail Elayna at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and don’t forget that all donations are tax deductible! 

*In the off chance that you don't know what a 'Tuckerization' is, it's where an author gives you the chance to have a character in an upcoming book named for you. They might die tragically in one paragraph without ever having dialogue, or they might become integral to a series, but either way they'll be in the book.