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Halfway to Sold Out for LC30!

At the Dead Dog Party after LibertyCon, Brandy and Matt were talking. There were so many people singing up already for LC30 that she had said, "Wouldn't it be great if we got to 375 by the end of July? Halfway to sold out already."

And Matt told her he was crazy, and they went back to playing Munchkin.

By way of explanation, we usually have around 80 or so registrations by the Sunday of LibertyCon. Usually we're at around 200 or so by Christmas, then we have a burst that starts in the spring and becomes a full bore rush a couple of months before the convention. (Remember, this year was only the second time we've sold out!)

Well folks, with the membership from Maxim Poddubny from Forest Hills, NY we have now hit 375!

That's right, we are halfway sold out for LibertyCon 30... and not only by the end of July, but just over a week after the end of the convention!

That counter that's on the banner at the top? Well, it just went from being a counter to being a countdown!

375 in, 375 to go...

And I bet Brandy's already wondering if we can get them before the Christmas Party. Wink