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LibertyCon News & Events

LibertyCon 29 is over and done, and the website is getting updated

Just wanted to point out to everyone (in case you hadn't already noticed) that we're already gearing up for LibertyCon 30 now that LC29 is wrapped up.  (and it's the earliest I've ever done it!)

Most of the sections have been updated, and pre-registration is currently open so go take a look and see why you need to come out in 2017!

And in case you haven't already checked out our guest list for LC30, here you go:

Literary Guest

Kevin Hearne

30th Anniv. Literary Guest

John Ringo

Artist Guest

Dan dos Santos

Science Guest

Dr. Elisa Quintana

Special Guest

Todd McCaffrey

Master of Ceremonies

Toni Weisskopf

30th Anniv. Guest

Faith Hunter

I'm sorry that I haven't posted an LC29 Wrap-Up report yet, but this update has taken all of my time.  Don't worry, you'll hear me blather on about how great it was...  at least what I remember.  LibertyCon is always a blur of good times afterward for me.  Wink