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LibertyCon News & Events

Just over 72 hours left!

Just got this from Fritz, where he posted it on Facebook:

A few Announcements:
 1) The dedicated space for the book readings has been moved from the Victorian Room to the CARTA Room. All publications have been updated with this info (website, app, Pocket Program, YouAreHere Signs), but we wanted to mention it here too.
 2) The Blood Drive sponsored by Blood Assurance will be on Saturday. You won't be able to miss their blood mobile outside the main convention event space. All those that attempt to give blood will be put into a drawing to win a LC30 membership.
 3) The Charity of Choice is Lana's Love. We've already had lots of cool stuff donated for the Charity Auction, we are always on the lookout for more cool stuff. Please don't hesitate to bring anything to donate to this cause. Don't forget: This donation counts as a Tax Write Off.
 4) The Gaming Room is going to be 24 Hour Gaming. There's lots of events going on in the Norfolk Room as well, but the room won't close until the convention does.
 5) We are always looking for volunteers to help out when and where needed. If you're interested, just let us know prior to the convention or at the convention.  (Or you can use our signup form)
 6) If you have any questions or issues at the convention, PLEASE DON'T HESITATE to ask a Staff Member. Look at any given badge, if there is a ribbon on it that says STAFF, then you are looking at a LibertyCon Staff Member. If they can't immediately answer your question, they will know exactly where to direct you to resolve any question or concern.
 7) We're looking forward to seeing everyone. We've worked hard to make this the best LibertyCon ever (as we do every year). This whole OneUpmanshipThing that we impose on ourselves is a bitch, but it seems to work. We hope you enjoy the show as much as we've enjoyed putting it together!
See You All SOON!!!!
-- Kevin FRITZ Fotovich
LibertyCon Secretary