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Merry Christmas to all!

With fifteen minutes left, we just wanted to hop in and hope that all of you have had a great Christmas! Sorry that we haven't done it sooner, however we had to come out of the food coma from this afternoon... luckily I don't think it's actually physically possible to explode from overeating at holiday meals, which I think has been tested in our household!
To make it up to you guys though, as our own little "Merry Christmas" present we'd like to let everyone know that Steve Jackson just got in touch with us to say that he will be coming back to LibertyCon 29! It's always great to see him, and it's a great surprise to have him come back for another year!
 And boy will he be surprised when he gets his badge and it says, "Honorary Assistant Director of Gaming" on it! Hehe... hey, wait a second... he's not on here is he?
 Steve, you saw nothing... Smile