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LC29 Shirts and Banquet ticket ordering is live!

I know you guys have been waiting for us to put up the ordering for this year's t-shirts and Banquet tickets...  so wait no more!

They're both online now on the Online Ordering page, so run on over and get what you want.

Have a couple of things to remind you of though...

The first thing is to remember that we order VERY FEW extra shirts to sell at the convention.  If you want a shirt, the only way you're going to get one is ordering it online (unless you're really really lucky).  We have all the same styles from last year, T-Shirt/Polo/Long Sleeve/Girl Cut with all the same colors.  

Though I bet you're wondering what the artwork is this year.  After all, there's all the info on the styles but no artwork!  Well, we don't have it yet, but we'll be sure to let you know when we do.  But considering that it's being done by Todd Lockwood, do you really think that you're not going to like it?  Wink

As for the Banquet tickets, remember that they are limited.  First come, first served until we sell out.  (I believe we have 110 total tickets though I might be off by a few).  The banquet is a good time, and honestly the food is quite good...  hey, I've been to enough of these things over the years to know that's not always the case.  We hope to see you guys out there this year!