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LibertyCon Author's Alley

To ring in the New Year we wanted to do something to help you guys out a bit. You might have been going to conventions all of your life and know every author on the planet, but do you actually know their works? If you're not a horror fan you might never have heard of Eric S. Brown, or you know that Leia Barret makes some great stained glass but might not have realized that she has several books under her belt, or that Les Johnson is not only a smart guy and great presenter but also a published author as well?

We've set up the LibertyCon Author's Alley page to try to highlight a few of the new and/or interesting books by our various authors. It's still a work in progress, and will continue to be, but we're pretty happy with it. It will give you a chance to look up to see what the pros are doing before the convention so you can give them a read, or maybe just grab a copy to get signed at the convention. We have links for each book to a few places where you can get a copy (or possibly read them on the Kindle Library if that's your thing). Go take a look, and if you do read them please try to rate or review the books since that can really help out an author more than you can imagine.

Also a few caveats... due to space we're only listing authors that are currently planning on attending LibertyCon this year on the Alley. Can you imagine what it would look like if we didn't?! Wow... Also the links we provide don't have any referral links or anything, so it's not us trying to make money in any way. We're simply trying to help our attendees find some more great books to read, and it might as well be someone that they know anyway. Wink

It might be their most recent book, or possibly a good place to start with an author ('On Basilisk Station' for David Weber for example), but regardless we hope it will help you guys put a face & name to a book cover. Also if you're an author coming to the convention and we don't have you in there, just let me know. We'll get you in there no problem. Wink