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LC28 T-Shirt ordering is now online!

Well we all survived the holidays over here, and hopefully you guys are recovering as well. 2015 already, who would have thought? Well we may not have flying cars yet, but I'm still holding out for a hoverboard.Laughing

I also wanted to let everyone know that T-Shirt ordering for LC28 is now open! We don't have a design to show off yet, but since we're forcing... err... asking Sam Flegal very nicely to do it for us, you can be pretty sure it's going to be awesome. The guy's an absolutely brilliant artist, and as soon as we have it we'll let you know.

So if you've already pre-registered feel free to grab a shirt, or if you haven't pre-registered now's a great opportunity. Wink

Remember, like the last few years we will be ordering VERY FEW extras in various sizes... so if you think you might want a shirt, you really need to order one ahead of time!