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LibertyCon News & Events

Quick updates

Just wanted to let everyone know a couple of things...  first, the tickets for the LibertyCon 30 Banquet are already sold out!  It only took you guys like three days to get all of them!  We really appreciate the enthusiasm, and we're looking forward to having our best one yet!

Also as a quick note, we just wanted to let you know that Rich has opened the gates!  That's right, he's opened up the schedule for LC30 for everyone to look at...  and this thing is HUGE!  So go take a look at his latest monstrosity...  I mean work of art, and get your plans laid out for LibertyCon 30!

And as always, when you're looking at all of the options...  and you want to see everything but can't...  in the immortal words of Regina Kirby, "Choice is good".

The LibertyCon 30 Schedule

Quick note about the counter at the top of the page

Observant people out there might say "Hey, yesterday the LC page said that they had less than 200 memberships left...  now it's over 200.  What's going on?  Are they fiddling with the numbers?!"

Just wanted to let you know that we're not cooking the books or anything.  There were 91 memberships that were on paper from the end of the convention last year, and the webpage only counted the electronic ones that have come in through Paypal.  So my counter simply added xx memberships until Matt could get them typed into the database from paper.  

He just finished doing the last batch so I took out that workaround from the counter, no mafia involved.  Really...  we promise.  (ignore the nervous look)

LibertyCon 29 Schedule is UP!

Release the Kraken!

And by "Kraken" I mean the truly massive beast that Rich has put together as LibertyCon 29's Programming Schedule!

Seriously, go take a look at this thing... currently we have 238 separate events listed on there, covered by 154 pros and panelists. Heck, this thing has so much in it that Rich had to back up the beginning of the schedule to 1:00pm on Friday afternoon! I'm pretty sure that this is the first time programming has ever started before 3:00pm, but there just wasn't any way for him to fit it all in... oh yes, people will both praise and curse the man this year. "I love the schedule!" to "There's too much, I can't decide!" to "Why did you put XXXXXX against XXXXXX?! Don't you know that I have to see both of them?!"

Since we're still a month away from the convention the schedule is still subject to change, so check back every now and then to catch the latest!

Also the LibertyCon 29 IOS/Android app will be going live in the near future, and don't worry... I'll be sure to let everyone know when it does.

Now what are you waiting for? Head on over!

LC29 Shirts and Banquet ticket ordering is live!

I know you guys have been waiting for us to put up the ordering for this year's t-shirts and Banquet tickets...  so wait no more!

They're both online now on the Online Ordering page, so run on over and get what you want.

Have a couple of things to remind you of though...

The first thing is to remember that we order VERY FEW extra shirts to sell at the convention.  If you want a shirt, the only way you're going to get one is ordering it online (unless you're really really lucky).  We have all the same styles from last year, T-Shirt/Polo/Long Sleeve/Girl Cut with all the same colors.  

Though I bet you're wondering what the artwork is this year.  After all, there's all the info on the styles but no artwork!  Well, we don't have it yet, but we'll be sure to let you know when we do.  But considering that it's being done by Todd Lockwood, do you really think that you're not going to like it?  Wink

As for the Banquet tickets, remember that they are limited.  First come, first served until we sell out.  (I believe we have 110 total tickets though I might be off by a few).  The banquet is a good time, and honestly the food is quite good...  hey, I've been to enough of these things over the years to know that's not always the case.  We hope to see you guys out there this year!

LibertyCon 28 Photo Gallery is now up!

Thanks to Ray Jones, our intrepid photographer, we have a few pictures online from LibertyCon 28. Well, maybe more than a few... "Metric Crap-Ton" might be more accurate.  Wink

Head on over and take a look!

And as always, thanks Ray!

Website updated for LibertyCon 29

I've been working on getting the website updated for LibertyCon 29, and I think I have everything in place (with the exception of the flyers... those are coming soon).

I know I missed some things, so take a look and let me know.

I can't believe that it's a full year from now! Clock! Calendar! Hurry!

Author's Alley update

In non-membership related business, I was just putting a few titles for Sarah Hoyt and Peter Grant into the LibertyCon Author's Alley and I realized that we have 95 books listed in there!

If you haven't taken a look, you might really want to. It might give you an idea of the works of some of our attending authors that you haven't been exposed to already.

(And if you're coming out to the convention and have a book or three under your belt, let me know. There's no charge to get listed in there, and we don't make anything from it... we know we have some of the most talented authors around coming to the convention, and just wanted to make sure that everyone else realized it as well.)

LibertyCon Author's Alley

To ring in the New Year we wanted to do something to help you guys out a bit. You might have been going to conventions all of your life and know every author on the planet, but do you actually know their works? If you're not a horror fan you might never have heard of Eric S. Brown, or you know that Leia Barret makes some great stained glass but might not have realized that she has several books under her belt, or that Les Johnson is not only a smart guy and great presenter but also a published author as well?

We've set up the LibertyCon Author's Alley page to try to highlight a few of the new and/or interesting books by our various authors. It's still a work in progress, and will continue to be, but we're pretty happy with it. It will give you a chance to look up to see what the pros are doing before the convention so you can give them a read, or maybe just grab a copy to get signed at the convention. We have links for each book to a few places where you can get a copy (or possibly read them on the Kindle Library if that's your thing). Go take a look, and if you do read them please try to rate or review the books since that can really help out an author more than you can imagine.

Also a few caveats... due to space we're only listing authors that are currently planning on attending LibertyCon this year on the Alley. Can you imagine what it would look like if we didn't?! Wow... Also the links we provide don't have any referral links or anything, so it's not us trying to make money in any way. We're simply trying to help our attendees find some more great books to read, and it might as well be someone that they know anyway. Wink

It might be their most recent book, or possibly a good place to start with an author ('On Basilisk Station' for David Weber for example), but regardless we hope it will help you guys put a face & name to a book cover. Also if you're an author coming to the convention and we don't have you in there, just let me know. We'll get you in there no problem. Wink

LC28 T-Shirt ordering is now online!

Well we all survived the holidays over here, and hopefully you guys are recovering as well. 2015 already, who would have thought? Well we may not have flying cars yet, but I'm still holding out for a hoverboard.Laughing

I also wanted to let everyone know that T-Shirt ordering for LC28 is now open! We don't have a design to show off yet, but since we're forcing... err... asking Sam Flegal very nicely to do it for us, you can be pretty sure it's going to be awesome. The guy's an absolutely brilliant artist, and as soon as we have it we'll let you know.

So if you've already pre-registered feel free to grab a shirt, or if you haven't pre-registered now's a great opportunity. Wink

Remember, like the last few years we will be ordering VERY FEW extras in various sizes... so if you think you might want a shirt, you really need to order one ahead of time!

Online Pre-Registration for LC28 is now open!

Just wanted to let everyone know that the online store to pre-register for LibertyCon 28 (2015) is now open.

You can get memberships and (while they last) Banquet tickets, but the t-shirts aren't up yet.  Once the design is settled out we'll be sure to let you know!

Head to the LibertyCon Online Store for more details!

We're on Twitter!

I don't know how many of you guys use Twitter out there, but we finally got an account! The account is @LibertyconTN, and I blame Rich for dragging me kicking and screaming into 2011. Wink

I've also put menu links to both our Facebook Page as well as the Twitter Feed in the menu under "LibertyCon Info" in case you forget.  

Also the Pre-Reg list has been updated here on the website.

New LibertyCon 26 Photos!

Just wanted everyone to know that I finally got a few (as in 244) new photos from LibertyCon 26 that Leon Jester sent me a few weeks ago.

You can take a look at them in the LibertyCon 26 Photo Gallery.

Thanks again, Leon!