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Janet & Chris Morris News!

Breaking News: It is with great sadness that we announce that Janet and Chris Morris, two stalwart LibertyCon (LC) regulars, will not be able to attend LC27. This is because they have traded one LC for another LC. They have been invited to speak at the Library of Congress! Their appearance will be on June 25 in the Library of Congress "What If " Science Fiction and Fantasy Forum. Janet will deliver a speech, tentatively titled: "Social Reconstruction through Heroic Fiction: The Role of Fantastical Literature in Envisioning our Future." The paper's thesis is this:

Social reconstruction is a philosophy that emphasizes the addressing of social questions and a quest to create a better society. Heroic fiction has always addressed these questions of personal responsibility and freedom in a societal context; heroic fantasy and science fiction are the literary inheritors of heroic fiction because the worlds and world views created examine self and the individual's place in society in a way much freer than can any other form of literature today. The human mind organizes the world and its detail in story form; fantasy and science fiction help us pierce the veil of complexity and examine the underlying questions facing society today and tomorrow, using story as our vehicle. Through "World Building" we writers and readers find a way to see ourselves more clearly. By examining many possible worlds in story form, we can make clear those decisions that society faces and may face, and hopefully make better choices for ourselves and our children.

LibertyCon looks forward to their return at LibertyCon 28. And don't fret, the Hellions will still be there and there will still be a Perseid Publishing table at LC 27.

Congratulations to Janet and Chris from the entire LibertyCon family!