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James Sullos, President of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc is coming into town!

You know that we get a lot of big name pros into LibertyCon, and we just got notification of another one.

You might not have heard of James Sullos, but you've probably heard of the company that he's president of.... Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.

This is the guy that has been responsible for pretty much every ERB property that you've seen in the last two decades, including the new movie that comes out the week before LibertyCon! (Tell me that you're not looking forward to that one)

When you consider that Mr. Sullos and Cathy Wilbanks are coming in from ERB, Inc. and that we also have Martin Powell and Leia... We pretty much have the ERB universe cornered!

In case you didn't know, Martin writes web comics (eight of them!) for ERB as well as having written multiple graphic novels and Leia is their ONLY licensed stained glass artist. You caught that, right? The ONLY licensed artist!
So if you're a fan of Tarzan, John Carter or etc, you're probably going to enjoy this year even more!