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LibertyCon News & Events

Todd McCaffrey & Jim Minz are coming back to LibertyCon!

We have more LibertyCon news, and this time it's two returning guests!

Todd McCaffreyLast year was the first time that Todd McCaffrey made his way to LibertyCon, and apparently he had a good enough time that he's coming back this year. You guys all know who he is, so I'm not going to go into that... but I will mention that one of the main reasons I'm excited that he's making the trip is that he runs the greatest game of "Are You a Werewolf?" that I've ever seen! Yep, it's a scheduled Programming event. (Or at least it will be, or I'm going to throttle Rich) You guys can look forward to seeing him due to his being a great guy as well as a phenomenal writer, but I'm really looking forward to getting into another round. Wink

Jim MinzThe other returning guest is Jim Minz, Baen Editor and Master of Ceremonies from last year's LC27. I'm not sure of what horse trading went on for him to talk his wife into watching the kids so he could come out to the convention, but we're glad he is! (He's a loveable guy though, so he probably just asked really nicely. *koff*) Personally I'm just thinking that he didn't want Toni to have all the fun.

I'll of course take this time to point out that, while I don't have an actual count from Matt for the last few days, I'm guessing that we're a bit over 600 registrations currently (with more coming in all the time). So that means that we have less than 100 registrations left, for a convention that is still over a month and a half away! So if you are still putting off getting that membership, you might be shooting yourself in the foot... which would be bad, since you wouldn't be able to play a round of "Are You a Werewolf?" with us.