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LibertyCon News & Events

James Sullos, President of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc is coming into town!

You know that we get a lot of big name pros into LibertyCon, and we just got notification of another one.

You might not have heard of James Sullos, but you've probably heard of the company that he's president of.... Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.

This is the guy that has been responsible for pretty much every ERB property that you've seen in the last two decades, including the new movie that comes out the week before LibertyCon! (Tell me that you're not looking forward to that one)

When you consider that Mr. Sullos and Cathy Wilbanks are coming in from ERB, Inc. and that we also have Martin Powell and Leia... We pretty much have the ERB universe cornered!

In case you didn't know, Martin writes web comics (eight of them!) for ERB as well as having written multiple graphic novels and Leia is their ONLY licensed stained glass artist. You caught that, right? The ONLY licensed artist!
So if you're a fan of Tarzan, John Carter or etc, you're probably going to enjoy this year even more!

Chuck Gannon makes Nebula Nomination list for third year

More good LibertyCon Family news!

The Nebula Awards nomination list has come out, and for the third year in a row our very own Chuck Gannon is on the list, this time for his book "Raising Caine"!

I'm starting to think that they need to just designate a "Gannon Slot" for future Nebula lists.

But seriously, congratulations to a great writer! (and one helluva nice guy... seriously, if you haven't met him just take my word for it that Chuck is one of the greatest guys you can spend time just chatting with)

You never know who is going to volunteer for staff!

You guys know that we have quite a few returning guests this year for LibertyCon 29. Well, we just wanted to let you know about a new addition to our Security volunteer pool this time. It seems that Andy, Leigh, Andrew and etc are going to have a new member in the form of a guy named Larry Correia. He told Brandy that he's more than willing to help out if we need it, and now she's trying to figure out how to steal him to be "Brandy's Bouncer"!
With this on top of Steve Jackson as our Unofficial-Official Assistant Head of Gaming and Todd McCaffrey as the Staff Chef, I just have to say that we have some of the best guests on the planet!
We love you guys!
(Now we're just waiting to see who's next... hey guys, Registration always needs help!) Wink

Some bad news, and some good

Hey guys, we have some bad news and we have some good news.

First, the bad... Marc Gunn, our Master of Ceremonies for LibertyCon 29 has had a family conflict come up recently which unfortunately has forced him to skip LibertyCon this year. It was unfortunate, but these things happen.

Don't worry though, we're going to try our best to get him to come in for a future LC... after all we were really looking forward to hearing some of the cuts from Sci Fi Drinking Songs live! (And if you still haven't heard them, you can head over to the cdbaby page and check them out)

Luckily Marc found out about this early enough that we were able to go to our next pick for MC and sucker them... err, hit them up to take his place.

So now the good news:

We're happy to say that Gray "The Gray Man" Rinehart has accepted, and will be filling the role of Master of Ceremonies for this year's LibertyCon!

If you don't know who Gray is, don't worry... you can find out all about him on his LibertyCon Guest Page or on his homepage Gray Man Writes.

He's a filker, an author, an editor, and last but not least retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel! Yep, this guy has been around the block and we're glad that he's stopping in to see us on one of his hurried laps!

Tamara Lowery Signed Book Giveaway

Tamara Lowery just sent us a note, and asked us to share it with you guys. See you in a couple of weeks Tamara!

Win a signed copy of Black Venom, book 4 of the Waves of Darkness series, by Tamara A. Lowery! This contest is only open to attendees of LibertyCon. I will have entry slips available at all my panels, signings, and Author's Alley appearances. The drawing will be held and the book awarded at my final Author's Alley appearance, Sunday, June 28, at noon.

Also check out my page http://facebook.com/Waves.of.Darkness for a chance to win one of two "red shirt" spots in book 6, The Daedalus Enigma (due to release Halloween 2016). That drawing will beheld at my morning appearance Saturday, June 27.

Todd McCaffrey & Jim Minz are coming back to LibertyCon!

We have more LibertyCon news, and this time it's two returning guests!

Todd McCaffreyLast year was the first time that Todd McCaffrey made his way to LibertyCon, and apparently he had a good enough time that he's coming back this year. You guys all know who he is, so I'm not going to go into that... but I will mention that one of the main reasons I'm excited that he's making the trip is that he runs the greatest game of "Are You a Werewolf?" that I've ever seen! Yep, it's a scheduled Programming event. (Or at least it will be, or I'm going to throttle Rich) You guys can look forward to seeing him due to his being a great guy as well as a phenomenal writer, but I'm really looking forward to getting into another round. Wink

Jim MinzThe other returning guest is Jim Minz, Baen Editor and Master of Ceremonies from last year's LC27. I'm not sure of what horse trading went on for him to talk his wife into watching the kids so he could come out to the convention, but we're glad he is! (He's a loveable guy though, so he probably just asked really nicely. *koff*) Personally I'm just thinking that he didn't want Toni to have all the fun.

I'll of course take this time to point out that, while I don't have an actual count from Matt for the last few days, I'm guessing that we're a bit over 600 registrations currently (with more coming in all the time). So that means that we have less than 100 registrations left, for a convention that is still over a month and a half away! So if you are still putting off getting that membership, you might be shooting yourself in the foot... which would be bad, since you wouldn't be able to play a round of "Are You a Werewolf?" with us.

1632 Mini-Con coming to LibertyCon 28!

I thought I'd wait and let Timmy announce it first, but since he has here's a snippet of his copy... *ahem*

Now I have a LibertyCon Block Buster Announcement for you!

Trumpets please!

Eric Flint released this on Facebook on March 19th, “After it became clear that we wouldn't be holding the 1632 series minicon at Contemporal this year, we approached LibertyCon and they've agreed to host us. LibertyCon is a longstanding and very popular SF convention in Chattanooga that I've attended a number of times, including as MC and Literary Guest of Honor…”

That’s right folks, we will be hosting a 1632 "Mini-Con" inside of this years LibertyCon. Since the renovation of the Chattanooga Choo Choo, we have gained a large function room in the lobby area of the Centennial Theater that will be perfect to host these festivities.

We will also be hosting a large number of the writers who contribute to the 1632 universe including Eric Flint, Paula Goodlett, Virginia DeMarce, David Carrico, Walter Hunt, Iver Cooper, Gorg Huff and others... and that didn’t even include David Weber [our LGOH], Charles “Chuck” Gannon and Eric S. Brown who were already going to be at LibertyCon.

I hope that you can tell that I am stoked with this news. I can also tell you that I will be standing in the autograph line along with the rest of you to take advantage of this opportunity.


*As an addendum, we will be making some tweaks to help people keep track of the 1632 people and events.  It's not in place yet, but when I get the complete list all of the 1632 authors will have a marker next to their names in the Author's Listing as well as having 1632 specific panels and events tagged with their own track in the schedule.

David Drake is coming back for LC28

David DrakeOne of the things about giving Rich access to the database that's the backend for the LibertyCon website is that I don't always realize when he makes additions. Well, I just recently noticed one of those additions...

David Drake is going to be coming back to LibertyCon this year!

David's a great guy that if you haven't had a chance to sit down and talk to, then you're really missing out. He's also great about signing at the same time. (And with the sheer number of books under his belt, you probably have a stack waiting... you know it)

And if this is old news to you because you saw it on here before I did, let me know next time! Wink

2014 Nebula Nominees are out!

I know it was announced a few days ago, but I didn't know if you guys had heard that two of the LC Family are up against each other in the Nebulas for "Best Novel"!

Chuck Gannon's "Trial by Fire" is up against Jack McDevitt's "Coming Home"... great, now I don't know who to vote for!

And if this seems like a repost, you'd be sort of right. Chuck was nominated for the Nebula last year for "Fire With Fire". Two Best Novel nominations back to back, great job!

You can see the whole list of nominations HERE

LC28 Artist Guest of Honor!

flegal sam 2To let everyone know, we have our Artist Guest of Honor nailed down for 2015 in the (very tall) form of Sam Flegal!

You might have met Sam at this past LibertyCon, when he and his lovely wife Loraine attended for the first time. Or you might know Sam from one of the many, many (many!) conventions that he attends throughout the Southeast every year.

His work runs the gamut, though he is mostly known for his work in Horror and Sci-Fi/Fantasy. For LibertyCon fans though he would probably be best known for doing the cover of the “Monster Hunters, International” RPG. Also since Sam is a member of the “Nashville Art Mafia” (My name for it, not theirs) it’s always fun to look through his artwork and play “Name the Model”. You’ll see not only Sam himself and his wife, but also familiar faces such as Michael & Paul Bielaczyc, Melissa Gay, Laura Jones Bielaczyc among others.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to chat with Sam, you really should.  He’s not only an incredibly talented artist, but a really nice and funny guy to boot. We’re excited to be able to bring such an incredibly talented new face into the LibertyCon Family!

You can check our Sam's work at his site: http://www.samflegal.com/

Pern comes to LibertyCon!

Quick question, have you ever heard of "The Dragonriders of Pern"?

If so, you might be interested in the news that Rich just emailed me about. It seems that we have another guest coming in to LibertyCon this year, Mr. Todd McCaffrey!

I don't know how you COULDN'T know about Todd, but just in case here you go: He started co-authoring Pern books with his mother (Anne McCaffrey) in 2003 with Dragon's Kin. Since then he has written three solo Pern novels, and has co-authored an additional four with his mother (five including Dragon's Kin).

But that's not the only thing that you might know Todd from. He's also written plenty of non-Pern related works, including quite a few short stories in various "Bolo" collections as well as a "Combat Command" book set in David Drake's Hammer's Slammers universe!

You can check out more information about him on his website at http://pernhome.com/tjm/, where you'll see the tagline "Todd McCaffrey: Author, Artist, Pilot, Geek".

Sounds like a great addition to me, folks!

Also you might want to check your bank balances. Todd, like some of our other author guests, has graciously said that he would donate an upcoming 'Tuckerization' to our Charity Auction. He apparently has a new SF (Non-Pern) book that he's working on that he should be able to slot YOU into as a character.

I'll be working on getting a page on the website to list our Charity Auction items which will include this, a David B. Coe 'Workshop/Manuscript Review', Tuckerizations from other authors, original paintings, and the list could keep going... but it will all be up on the website before the convention. It's for a great cause, after all!

Some sad news

Some sad new came in from Rich last night.

We thought everyone might like to know: Frequent LibertyCon guest Sarah Hulcy is in a hospital/drug-induced coma, on a respirator, and that they think she may have had a heart attack; does have a lung infection, and may be in the ICU for a week or two. Warm thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.

Janet & Chris Morris News!

Breaking News: It is with great sadness that we announce that Janet and Chris Morris, two stalwart LibertyCon (LC) regulars, will not be able to attend LC27. This is because they have traded one LC for another LC. They have been invited to speak at the Library of Congress! Their appearance will be on June 25 in the Library of Congress "What If " Science Fiction and Fantasy Forum. Janet will deliver a speech, tentatively titled: "Social Reconstruction through Heroic Fiction: The Role of Fantastical Literature in Envisioning our Future." The paper's thesis is this:

Social reconstruction is a philosophy that emphasizes the addressing of social questions and a quest to create a better society. Heroic fiction has always addressed these questions of personal responsibility and freedom in a societal context; heroic fantasy and science fiction are the literary inheritors of heroic fiction because the worlds and world views created examine self and the individual's place in society in a way much freer than can any other form of literature today. The human mind organizes the world and its detail in story form; fantasy and science fiction help us pierce the veil of complexity and examine the underlying questions facing society today and tomorrow, using story as our vehicle. Through "World Building" we writers and readers find a way to see ourselves more clearly. By examining many possible worlds in story form, we can make clear those decisions that society faces and may face, and hopefully make better choices for ourselves and our children.

LibertyCon looks forward to their return at LibertyCon 28. And don't fret, the Hellions will still be there and there will still be a Perseid Publishing table at LC 27.

Congratulations to Janet and Chris from the entire LibertyCon family!

Meet Beth Patterson

I don't know if you guys caught the link when Rich posted it on FaceBook last month, but we're going to have the incredibly talented musician (and recently author) Beth Patterson performing at LibertyCon this year!

If you haven't heard her music, you really owe it to yourself if you're a fan of original Celtic 'style' (though she also does many other types). You can check out a small sample of her work at the YouTube link below, or linked from her Guest Page here on the website.

Some LibertyCon27 guest news!

I just got this email from Rich, thought you guys might like to know.  Smile


Special Announcement:   Got a phone call the other day from Timothy Zahn saying "Is it okay if I come to LC27 and just hang out?"  Sooooo, Tim Zahn will be back for LibertyCon 27! Tim is a long time friend of LibertyCon (LC) going back to Liberty's humble beginningsAt past LibertyCons he has been LGOH (LC 10), Special GOH (LC 4 and 18), Master of Ceremonies (LC 14 and 20), and the 25th Anniversary LGOH. For those who don't know him, Tim is a writer of science fiction short stories and novels. His novella Cascade Point won the 1984 Hugo award. He is the author of eight Star Wars Expanded Universe novels, including six novels featuring Grand Admiral Thrawn: the Thrawn Trilogy, Hand of Thrawn duology, and Outbound Flight. The Thrawn trilogy marked a revival in the fortunes of the Star Wars franchise, bringing it widespread attention for the first time in years; all three Thrawn-trilogy novels made the New York Times best-seller lists, and set the stage and tone for most of the franchise's Expanded-Universe content. While many of Zahn's characters have been embraced by franchise writers and readers, some still appearing in novels written seventeen years later, Thrawn has been particularly influential. Zahn also wrote the young adult Dragonback series and the popular Conquerors' Trilogy. So please come and enjoy the pleasure of his company at LC27!

Sad news for LibertyCon 27

This just in from Brandy:

Happy holidays everyone! I am sad to say that Ms. C.J. Cherryh will not be able to attend LibertyCon as one of our Special Guests. However, her brother, David Cherry, will still be filling that role. David is an amazing artist and will be showcasing some of his art as well as participating on various panels. We will be miss Ms. C.J. this year, but luckily still have an amazing lineup of both featured and attending guests!

Believe me, we hate to hear this as much as you guys...  but hopefully we'll be able to get her back in town in the future.  Ms. Cherryh is a wonderful lady, and we'll definitely miss seeing her this year.

Author G.K. Hayes passed away recently

With the new website redesign I keep having to modify existing section and add new ones...  I've just added a new section that I really hated doing.

G.K. Hayes was an author who was planning on attending LibertyCon this year, but unfortunately we received word yesterday that he had passed away due to a heart attack.  You can read more about it in the "In Memoriam" section...  the one I wish I'd never had to put in.


ARTC presentation for LibertyCon 26

New for LibertyCon 2013:  The Atlanta Radio Theatre Company presents the world premiere of “Lone Star Planet” written in 1958 by H. Beam Piper and John Joseph McGuire and adapted for audio by Ron N Butler.

“Lone Star Planet” is, in a nutshell, “the story ofa junior diplomat and his first posting to a planet of Texans whose dinosaur-sized cattle have to be herded with tanks, and whose
system of government derives its character from Mencken's 1924 essay "The Malevolent Jobholder," -- a system under which the killing of a practicing (STUPID/GREEDY) politician  is considered justifiable homicide!” (http://manybooks.net/titles/piperh2012120121-8.html#) A space opera on steroids isn’t something you want to miss. So mark your calendars and set your alarms:


H. Beam Piper’s “LONE STAR PLANET”

performed by The Atlanta Radio Theatre Company

Saturday, June 29 at 9 p.m. in the Chattanooga Choo-Choo Theater