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Room Parties!

Pre-Registration might be done, but you can still sign up for something on our webpage... Room Parties!

We have a spot for you to give us the information about your room party, and if you want us to we'll put it into all of our Programming Schedules (Website, Pocket Program, IOS/Android App, etc) so everyone knows when, where, and who.

So far not everyone has actually filled out the form (JordanCon, I'm looking at you) :P But here's the ones who have:

Rocky Perry's Arg! Vs. Yarl! Book Tour Party
Rosswyvern Press' party
Spokes of the Wheel's 'Luke Banderloft: Pirates Vs. Vikings' Party
The KC In 2016 Bid Speakeasy
Oh yeah... and JordanCon. Wink

If you're planning on having a party next weekend, please let us know. You can put up signs and flyers around the hotel and hope everyone sees them if you really want, but we'd love to help you promote the parties to everyone!

LibertyCon 26 Room Party Signup